Your torso is being ignored...Why not USE it!?

by Emil Moonglow
(Sierra Vista, AZ.)

Joey Votto's

Joey Votto's "Core" (Spinal Tilt Position)

Listen, 66% of your body is your torso--from the top of your shoulders to the top of your pelvis.

You move naturally from there--but, we've forgotten HOW to DO that. 8-percent is your mind, by the way. The rest make up your arms 12%, legs, hands & extremities. You get the idea.

Here's quote taken from: :

"Natural Movement involves the entire body working as a whole, and it comes from an innate desire for the body to move. We don't have to learn to control the different parts of our body by consciously thinking about each part or muscle. Natural Movement is initiated simply by a thought.

Natural Movement uses the main part of the body, which is know as the Torso, Center, or Core, along with the legs and arms to move the entire body. When applied to athletics, Natural Movement results in a much more powerful movement than that produced by mechanics alone, but with seemingly less effort. "

In hitting a round ball with a round bat.. You're NOT going to generate (bat) speed from your arms, hands, or legs..but from your torso! Your extremities put your bat into position; they generate some, but not MOST of your power. Everything is generated (initiated) from your torso. Your "core," if you will.


Swing Smarter Response:

Hey Emil, thanks for sharing...I had to take out some of your content hawking of the website because I want people to have an open mind when reading it and NOT get the idea you're just trying to get a plug and extra traffic to it.

And I had to take out your email address, unless of course you want a crud-load of SPAM in your inbox by the spider SPAM bots. You can thank me later ;-)

I'm familiar with and do quote some of its stuff too. Coming from a fitness background, I can appreciate the discussion about the torso and how it's a majority of our body mass, so why not use more of it in our swing??


Piggybacking on your thoughts above, the "core" as you referred to it, is, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASMorg), is actually 29 muscles extending from the BOTTOM of the chest to ABOVE the knees wrapped all the way around the body.

In other words, "Core" and "Torso" have parts in common, but are totally different things.

To get into what Chas Pippitt of Baseball Hitting Rebellion calls a spinal tilt slightly back towards the catcher (above pic of Joey Votto), it's NOT just the "torso" firing off there (or even before that), you'll have activation in the quad's, glutes, and hamstrings...which as I said qualifies as true "core."

To simplify...

When we're talking about the swing, yes, the midsection, or from the chest down (wrapped all the way around the spine) to the waist or Psoas (on the backside including the Scaps to the lower Lumbar), initiate ALL movement either up or down the chain.

Whether we're pushing, pulling, bending, lunging, squatting, or twisting.

After the Core initiates,

The hip and leg muscles then kick in, while the upper torso, chest up (including arms and hands, and minus the head), come in lagging behind.

The start of an elite swing depends solely on how well the hips and shoulders move independently of each other, and how the core, caught in the middle, twists and turns to generate torque and power moving the body around the spine most efficiently.

One part can't work without the other.

Some parts have more responsibility, some have less.

The Bottom Line

The point is, what is trying to say is to chill out on the upper body dominant swings (thanks to the hyper-light aluminum bat) and use the "core," oops, I mean torso more.

Like I said before, I like's stuff, but I think Chas Pippitt and the is better at teaching the swing and making it applicable answering the "How-To's" and the "Why's," while, most importantly, turning kids into elite swing prototypes.

It's not an easy process...

Unfortunately, we can't just tell a kid to, "Hey Kid, just swing with your torso more!" It would take tens of thousands repetitions to break dysfunctional swing movement patterns.

And, I know does go into more detail than that, but I want to reiterate, there's a lot of fill-in-the-blanks here than meets the eye.

They are worth a read.

Sorry, for the shameless Baseball Hitting Rebellion plug; I figured we were in the "plugging" season :P

Thanks again Emil!

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