Your love for the game and your caring to help others is very special

by Todd Henderson
(Cresskill, NJ)

Joey, I just wanted to thank you for the Swing Smarter baseball site you created and share so generously. Not many people today would take the time and effort to give so freely their knowledge, and care so much to help others, all without asking a cent in return.

You helped my son Brian work through some hitting issues he had a few years ago while in HS and you most recently took the time to help my son Troy. He's my 14 year old who has a bit of a bat drag. He's been working on his swing with the broom stick as you suggested and he can feel the difference already. I'd like to get him the MP30 training bat down the road but he has to do a few chores around the house first to earn that!!

I love baseball; I'm 49, so I'm a bit older than you. The first game I attended was a Sunday double header at the old Yankee Stadium vs. the Tigers. My dad took my 3 brothers and me to see the great Mickey Mantle. For me it was like going to see Babe Ruth, and it's something I remember to this day.

Your love for the game and your caring to help others is very special. I'm sure you had dreams of playing professionally, but maybe what you're doing now with your hitting site; helping others, and freely giving so much back while asking so little in return is even greater and more special.

From my sons and I thank you very much, for caring so much.

God Bless

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