Will Power Drive Brace FIX Hitting Out and Around the Ball?

My son tends to pull or get out and around the ball. Also his front elbow tends to come up. Have you tested this item.

Swing Smarter Response:
Great question, and one I've already reviewed at the following LINK.

However, I want to add to this a bit...

As I said in the earlier post, the Rudy Jarmillo Power Drive Brace poses to correct one small thing: keeping the front arm tight to the body during the Impact part of the swing. This should happen in the swing, but this device doesn't fix the overriding issue, which is...

Not swinging the bat with the hips leading the swing. Keeping the "hands inside the ball" is a problem because it causes young hitters to lead with the knob, which brings the front arm away from the body, ala Derek Jeter. This is the reason Jeter, in his 17 year playing career, has hit more than 20 home runs in a season ONLY 3 times (the most being 24 HR's in 1999).

I should know this oh so very well, because I use to hit and teach Down & Through hitting mechanics for a long time, and not to mention, this is the information I started Swing Smarter.com on. You'll be seeing a change over real soon...

I've analyzed plenty of swings on video showing Down & Through isn't the Holy Grail of premium hitting technique. To be considered Premium, the mechanics need to combine both power and consistency. D&T does NOT do this.

There's a better way to hit, it's the way the old timers like Williams, Mays, Ruth, and Aaron used to hit.

Back to your original question,

The problem with coming out and around the ball, resulting in getting jammed, bat "drag," and being late on the pitch, is an over-reactive upper half.

We have to learn to hit with our hips leading, and like I said in the earlier mentioned article link about the Power Drive Brace, I think the MP30 is the best baseball hitting aid to help with this.

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