Why Load & Reloading Can Drop YOUR Swing's RPM's!

by Chad

Hey, I'm a sophomore playing high school baseball and I'm having a problem of loading 2 times. I load when the pitcher's arm comes up, and then i reload and it makes me late on the ball. Do you know any drills i can do to fix it. It's almost like when I load I keep moving my shoulders back and then when I decide to swing it's too late. I just cant seem to fix it. Thanks.

Swing Smarter Response:

I'm not too clear on what's happening Chad, it would be better if you sent video via YouTube.

But I'll take a shot at it!

When you say loading twice, I'm wondering if you're talking about with your hands (arms)??

If this is the case, I think maybe you're missing the load with your hips, like the cocking of a gun hammer...it's an inward turn of the hips, in which you'll point your front back pocket at the pitcher as he shows you his front back pocket to you.

This hip action happens independent of the shoulders, AND we shouldn't see much of an inward turn with the front shoulder.

This start-stop-start action of the load/reload is NOT allowing you to build momentum in your swing, which is key to bat speed.

The thing to do is get the hands active by executing a hand pivot to get the barrel accelerating before impact.

Here's a video of me doing a hand pivot drill for one of my hitters:

You can YouTube and see this in Josh Hamilton, Barry Bonds, and Manny Ramirez. You'll see the barrel tilt forward toward the pitcher.


Think of loading as building steam...the load is a slow continuous movement to the actual swing itself. 80% of the swing is done before the front heel plants.

Without seeing your swing on video I can only speculate, but it sounds like you're double loading with your hands because you're hips and core aren't producing enough torque.

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Right on!
by: Joey from SwingSmarter.com

Good one Chris, you've listed quite a few faux-paus...walking the hands back or separating the hands from the stride foot, sitting back, and sit and spinning. I agree, load with the hands should actually look like a pivot...loading should occur in the hips and we MUST gain ground with both feet in the swing.

loading, loading and loading again
by: chris from mahopac

I see this all the time and i feel a lot of it stems from over instructiion. I have a good hitter right now on my high school team that does this and she has problems getting back to the ball. She's essentially loading up a gun that shoots late and misses the moving target (the ball). Because she is so late on everything, she flips her hands at it, rolls over, and becomes an upper body hitter. Many hitters naturally load as part of their swing and don't need to consciously do so. If you load twice, you essentially run out of room on your backside and over-rotate going back. You'll load your weight into your rear inside leg and along with that movement, your hands will move back as well. From here, as a batter strides and separates, the hands move back even more, over - rotating in or arm barring to create space and stay balanced. Everything is back, back ,back and when the hitter goes to the ball, he or she throws it all at once (like a door swinging). Balance is a constant battle. These hitters tend to spin out in an effort to counter balance their over rotated swing. When I said overinstruction at the beginning, i meant adding a preliminary movement that already existed in the kid's swing. Any pre-load has got to limit hand movement back. If a kid loads into his/ her back side, they have got to do so with their legs and hips only.( remember George Bell toronto bluejays masher use to do this) The hands have got to seperate with the forward stride or movement (walking away from the hands). A hitter can't just spin in place. There has to be an aggressive forward move to then hit into that front side with mass x accelleration from a fully stored hip core and backside. It's tough to get girls to use their lower body to hit and they need to do it the most ,because of lack of upper body strength. Tell me whatyou think?

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