Who Else Wants a Hitter's Power Drive?

by I Japan


Came across this Hitters Power drive much what you have been talking about with Chas. What do you think of this device for hip activation? Looks to be high quality but is the price worth the it or is there another way to teach this to youngsters for less?


Also they make something for Pitching same idea any thoughts on that?

Swing Smarter Response:
Great find! And one I've emailed them for a demo, so I could really play with it.

The concept seems pretty simple, get a hitter to feel a Double Knee Inside Load, AND, something the makers probably never intended, feeling the aggressive "hip set" towards the pitcher.

In other words, riding the front hip as JK talked about in the article "How Does a Hitter's Front Side Effect his Swing?".

Falling Down the Bump...

Now, here's the question, in which I'll know more when I get my hands on it, will this downward pressure to come forward give a kid a real OR false sense of the Double Knee Inside Load AND Hip Set benefits because hitter's don't fall down a mound like a pitcher does.

This would be a great aid for pitchers by the way.

Counter-Intuitive to Down & Through?

I'm sure you'd be amused by their professional hitters demo-ing the Hitter's Power Drive and modeling a Down and Through type of swing. I had to laugh...the way the Hitter's Power Drive is built, this would almost work counter-intuitive to a Down and Through hitter's swing.

To me, with a Down and Through swing, the downward angle the Hitter's Power Drive creates, would cause the hitter to lunge and swing over the front leg instead of behind it.

Anyway, I like the concept, but I'm not sure about functionality until I get my hands on one.

Is the Hitter's Power Drive Worth the Price?

About the $195 price tag, I don't think it's worth the price for hitters.

Pitchers yes because the concept will virtually eliminate the bad habit of an inexperienced pitcher pushing off the mound.

As we may know, pitchers don't push off the mound; they fall, pull, and rotate off the bump. This increases velocity, reduces stress on the arm and shoulder, and yes is a HUGE benefit!

Great find Swing Smarter Community!

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May 29, 2012
Chicken or the egg?
by: Joey from SwingSmarter.com


I agree about the NOT usefulness of the Hitter's Power Drive.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Double Knee Inside Load article by Chas Pippitt on Baseball Hitting Rebellion.com:


May 25, 2012
which came first chicken or the egg?
by: Anonymous

The Hitter's power drive is not useful. This device is trying to teach some back leg action which is actually not natural. It prompts hitters to bend the knee inward at a very un-natural hinge movement. Good back leg movement is actually dependent on a firing of the hips or rotation as in a good golf swing. The back leg action is a result of a good rotational swing....not the other way around.

Mar 15, 2012
Power Drive for Pitchers Works
by: Chris

We have the pitchers power drive for Dillon (9 year old) and his pitching coach swears by it.

When he was 8, playing 8U kid pitch, the only drills we did were the power drive (for the backside) and the foot on the chair throwing drill (for the front side). That year he went from not even being considered a pitcher at the beginning of the season to at the end of the season the kid that would get us out of a tight or trouble innings and the most consistent pitcher. He averaged less than 1 walk per inning, which for 8u was amazing. Hence a dramatic improvement, still not the fastest arm but certainly the most consistent.

We have not tried the hitting tool and they even have a golf swing tool similar to the hitting tool. So I cannot say anything in regards to that…would consider it if Chas thought it would be helpful or necessary with Dillon’s swing but I do not thing that is his problem area anyway.

Mar 14, 2012
Too much $ for an easy teach
by: Andy

This is one move I have had good results with just using a wedge. Also, I don't see how the device will help feel the hip set any better. But if money is not an issue; go for it. I have used a simllar device for golf and did not help me at all. I am normally a positive guy, but can't be on this one.

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