Who Da' Best? The T3 Elite Training Baseball Bat or Mp30 bat

by jimmy

HeavySwing Pro

T3 Elite Training Baseball Bat or Mp30 bat? I think T3 Elite bat should challenge the Mp30 bat for 3rd spot in The Starting Lineup?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Jimmy, great find! Let's go over what the T3, or Triple Threat, is all about. Jeff Forney developed this baseball hitting aid, he's a former Arizona Diamondbacks Strength and Conditioning Coach, assistant baseball coach/hitting instructor at Arizona State and Notre Dame.

The idea behind the T3, or what "Triple Threat" stands for is: Mechanics, Bat Speed, and Power. All the elements Jeff says you need to increase distance on the ball. Here are some promised benefits of using the T3:

  • Find Your Proper Path to the Ball

  • Improve Your Bat Speed & Explosive Strength

  • Learn to Accelerate the Bat Head through the Impact Zone

So, here's what happens (and you can see it in action in the short YouTube video above)...

This hitting aid is focusing on the Over-Speed and Overload Principals. Quoted from the TripleThreatInc.com website:

"Overload is the process of moving a heavier resistance so that we tax the working muscles. Over-speed is the process of moving something lighter faster to create a neuromuscular training pattern."

Being a fitness buff myself, I can appreciate what Jeff is trying to do here. In simple terms, this tool attempts to move a heavier object, in an explosive manner, AND Over-Speed, or what I refer to as Hyper-Clocking, training the brain and spinal cord to communicate better with the muscles in creating a deep muscle engram, or muscle memory.

In summary, the T3 attempts using added weight, a sliding handle, and the ability to use it hitting live batting practice to better your mechanics, and increase both bat speed and overall power.

What's the final verdict and can it compete with the MP30?

Increasing weight will make someone stronger, and swinging heavier ounces will increase explosion and overall power, there's NO doubt about that. However, the problem lies in too much going on.

Let me explain...and I'm sure Jeff can appreciate the logistics of this...

The neuromuscular system (how the brain and spinal cord communicate with the muscles) adapts very quickly, often times in 2-3 sessions, by a clear and simple message. Take Olympic lifts for example, these are the best pound for pound exercises you can do for increasing power and explosion in the muscles (these massage the fast twitch muscle fibers Jeff talks about).

Well, it would be silly to ask a champion Olympic lifter to slide his hands together/or apart to trigger the start of his power clean...to reach the goal of the finished clean position, we use the explosion of the hips and the shrug of the shoulders (technique) to get the weight going up. Simple.

There's NO extra off-color step in there. This is like sliding the hands together in the middle of the T3 hitting process. Unless you hit like Ty Cobb, this NEVER happens in a normal swing. It disrupts the normal sequence of events (technique) of an effective consistently powerful swing.

I understand some have to keep the hands apart at the start of a swing with the T3 because the heavier weight may be hard to control during Overload. This sliding of the hands action is similar to hitting concrete with a sledge hammer or using a long heavy ax to chop wood. In both cases, you're hitting a stationary object NOT a moving one.

I just think as it compares to the MP30, which is a heavier bat 38-40 ounces, the T3 allows more room for error with the "sliding of the hands."

We're looking for simple here, the body is already taxed with the added weight, DON'T make it have to slide the hands as well in order to hit a moving object, which is widely known as difficult already.

You want the execution of a specific baseball hitting aid to be simplistic in nature to the result we're trying to accomplish. If you want to create more bat speed by moving a heavier object faster (explosion), then the MP30 is still the way to go...it's simple and effective.

UPDATE: I loved the MP30, but other similar hitting aids have exploded on the scene serving the same function, but better and with more sizes to choose from.

Take the HeavySwing for instance...it puts the weight in the handle. No other bat does this without it taking the shape of some odd object from outer space.

The HeavySwing is also heavier than the MP30, and because the weight is near the handle you can't tell unless you grab the bat from the barrel.

The weight on a HeavyBat goes from 40 ounces up to 80 ounces I believe. I think HeavyBat has surpassed the MP30 hands down - and not to mention, has created a healthy reputation for itself.

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Aug 05, 2011
A little confusing
by: Joey Myers from SwingSmarter.com

Hey Robert,

I know what you mean. It's suppose to be an overload/underload hitting system. However, those types of schemes don't work if someone has horrible hitting mechanics.

AND, I don't like the way the T3 looks and how NOT functional it is. I would rather work with the Pro-Cut Hitting System. More simple and easy to understand...and most important, functional.

Aug 05, 2011
Aaahhhh Okay
by: Robert Canary

I still don't see how this is suppose to help anything .... maybe someone can elaborate a little more for me.

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