What's the haps on the PIK Grand Slam Pitching Machine??

by Jeff Del Rossi
(Pittsgrove, nj)

PIK Grand Slam Pitching Machine

PIK Grand Slam Pitching Machine


Was wondering if you could review the Pik Grand Slam pitching machine which automatically shoots golf ball size wiffle balls to the batter while he/she uses one of those swiftstick 30" thin bats. Seems a bit pricey at $189.95 which I saw at baseball savings.com. Includes 48 golf ball size wiffle balls as well as the aforementioned swiftstick. What's your take?

thanks in advance.

Swing Smarter Response:
Interesting contraption Jeff, although its functionality does resemble our fav, the Personal Pitcher Pro, which we'll talk about later.

It seems a little bulky and homemade...not to say it's cheap, it just looks like you can make the gadget with pieces lying around a carpenter's work space.

We agree with the pricing ($189.95), although they do (pardon the pun) throw in 4 dozen golf ball sized whiffles (which is around a $20 value), and the hit stick (which is a $35 value). I think they're trying to make up for this machine's awkwardness.

I couldn't even find any videos of the the PIK Grand Slam on the company's website OR on YouTube...in their marketing, this needs to be a must, people don't buy what they can't see in action.

That being said, Swing Smarter loves the Sandlot Slugger, which is actually part of our long awaited storefront: The Starting Lineup, where one can find the 9 best baseball hitting aids on the planet.

If you want to hear more about The Starting Lineup and what it can do for you, then CLICK Here to watch a brief 7 minute video.

Comparing to the PIK Grand Slam Hitting Machine, the only thing it doesn't come with is the hit stick, but we can get that anywhere, OR we can make one ourselves according to some of our reader's comments on SwingSmarter.com.

Hope this helps Jeff!


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Mar 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Appreciate your advice. With that said I will look into purchasing the personal pitcher pro instead.

Thanks Again.

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