What's so special about the Insider Bat?

by Geoff
(Readington NJ)

Insider Training Bat

Insider Training Bat

Have you seen this, or tried on of these yet? Seems to be teaching my son to keep his hands back. Great to work off the tee.

Swing Smarter Response:

(The instruction in the video above isn't the best, the guy is teaching a long swing, but it gives you a good idea as to how this device is utilized)

Geoff, thanks for the question...to tell you the truth, just looking at the device left us puzzled :/ But checking out the website (http://insiderbat.com/feature.htm) shed some light on what the heck this "thing" is and does ;)

I do like it, although an odd way to teach keeping the hands inside the ball. The paddle hitting surface isn't hard to mimic (you can use a tennis racquet, cricket bat, etc.), but the surface is small and supposedly the bent shaft helps with keeping the hands out in front of contact.

I don't know if I like the grip training feature of the bat because proper grip isn't hard to teach on a real bat.

However, I think $54 plus shipping is reasonable.

The only thing to be careful of is getting into the habit of sweeping the barrel through the zone (like the coach is doing in the video above), instead of being short to the ball, in a slicing down Samurai motion with the barrel above the hands until contact. At contact our barrel should drop below the hands and in line with the path of the ball.

Geoff, you may also want to check out a hitting aid I just indoctrinated into The Starting Lineup Store called The ProHammer Training Bat, which helps to keep a hitter palm up/down at contact.

Also, I'm not sure if the funky ergonomic design of the Insider Bat helps with keeping the hands back.

Thanks again and hope this helps.

IMPORTANT UPDATE on our thoughts about the Insider Bat (as of June 2011):

We changed our stance on hitting since this review and no longer think Down & Through and being short to the ball is the way to go. At this time, I probably wouldn't purchase this because it teaches a short Area of Impact and leading with the hands (or a more upper body dominated swing). We believe the hips lead the way and the arms should be fairly tight to the body at Impact. The Insider Bat does the opposite.


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