What is Better Eye Exercises or Technique Vision Training?

by Scott
(New jersey)




Just wondering if anyone has tried any visual training products such as Chris McKnight's baseballvisionprogram.com or the frozen ropes Manny Ramiez endorsed eye training aids and if they are worth the $170 to $200 that they go for

Thanks love the website.

Swing Smarter Response:

Hey Scott, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these exercise visual trainers...for those who want to know what this niche of baseball is, here's the demo video of Manny Ramirez's Frozen Ropes program (on DVD):

We had a guy come my Sophomore year at Fresno State that taught us eye and vision exercises. They helped quite a bit especially when playing at night (I have blue eyes), and kept my eyes more focused and calm.

Vision is a big part of hitting. Technically, we have to keep our nose behind the barrel at and through contact.

Also, our eyes can weaken over time and increase our need to wear corrective lenses, thanks in part to hours on a computer screen and nutrient deficient foods, chiefly vitamin A, or beta carotene.

However, I believe the technical side supersedes the eye strength and exercise side.

Let me give you a checklist:

  1. Look at the swing with swing analysis software like PowerChalk.com and watch the head after the front heel plants and see if the head moves,

  2. If it doesn't, then proceed to one of these eye vision strengthening programs of your choosing, OR

  3. If the head does move forward and/or drops, then read this Baseball Hitting Rebellion article on vision and fix the issue, then move onto eye vision strength exercises.

I'd be interested in seeing if any of you have tried any one of these programs as well. Although, it does look like the Frozen Ropes program has garnered a little more media attention. Thanks Scott!

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