What Exercises Should I be Doing While Waiting for Tryouts??

by Keith Lorino
(Belleville, IL 62221)

This is Keith again and just wanted to know, I love to hit the gym 3-4 times a week while practicing my hitting swing at home, my question is I lift very heavy weights especially for my squats and deadlifts. Exercises I do now and what I did when playing high school ball was considered a bodybuilding workout routine for mass and strength.

Would this be a great preperation for tryouts next season.

Workout includes:

  • Heavy squats

  • Heavy deadlifts

  • Military presses

  • Cleans

  • Snatches

  • Bench pressess

  • Bicep curls

  • Tricep extensions

  • Heavy wrist curls/reverse wrist curls, and finally

  • Heavy wide grip pulldowns/wide grip pull ups

Just wanted to know what you thought of this bodybuilding routine to prepare for next years baseball season while still doing my hitting drills.

Swing Smarter Response:
I love it, it's a little football-sy, but I like it especially the squat and deadlifts.

Now, since you said heavy Keith, I assume you're doing more than 5 sets, less than 5 reps?? I'm going to give you two other styles of training that'll be awesome for you as a "baseball" player.

1.) Try German Volume Training for 4-6 weeks. This is 10 sets, 10 reps with 90 seconds rest between sets. You're going to use a 20 rep-max weight for your lifts and stick with the major Olympic ones: Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Clean, etc. Do just one lift per day, every other day, or stagger muscle groups, although kinda hard with Olympic full body lifts.

On this type of training, rest is a must, so don't over do it. Thanks to me being an idiot, I did 16 weeks of this GVT, and now I'm working on reversing tendinitis in the inside of my right knee. Like I said, only 4-6 weeks, then go back to a 5 X 5 training style.

2) Mix in some EDT, which stands for Escalating Density Training for 4-6 weeks. This is similar to GVT, but on a smaller scale. It's more geared towards baseball players because this sport is primarily played unilaterally, which means one side of our body is doing something different than the other side. Unilateral movements include: the lunge, sprinting, single arm snatch, and pistol squat, while bilateral movements would be: squat, bench, row.

Check out the following articles I did using EDT on SwingSmarter.com, and how you can implement it into your off/pre-season workout routine:

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Thick Bar Training
by: Joey from Swing Smarter

Keith, awesome comment...also check out FatGripz.com, they have cool grips you fit over an existing handle for only $40 plus shipping! They highly durable as well. Thick Bar Training is HUGE for baseball players.

grip strength tip while working out.
by: Keith

I love that idea will have to try it. I do use very heavy weights with a 2 in and a 3 in diameter barbell and dumbbell, I have to admit doing benches, dead-lifts with that kind of thick bar is pretty demanding, I thought another option for grip training, what I did without a thick barbell and dumbbell was wrap a heavy towel around the handles and used that to grip. Thought I share some of my suggestion on how I use to train grips.

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