What Exercises Can Increase Bat Speed?

by sigi gastelum
(morelia, mich, mexico)

Hi, I want to know which are the best exercises to add speed to my swing adding too accuracy.

thank you

Swing Smarter Response:
Hola Sigi, greetings to you in Mexico! Glad you found us=-)

So, it sounds like you want to increase your bat speed and are asking which exercises will help do that??

Glad you asked...Swing Smarter is cooking up an Albert Pujols inspired 30 Day Challenge of How to Increase Bat Speed; A few of the days we've dedicated to progressive core endurance and strength training, which has everything to do with increasing bat speed.

I can't go into too much depth here because it'll ruin the surprise, but in a nutshell, here's the exercises contributing to increased bat speed:

Core Endurance: planks, side planks, 2-leg floor bridge, prone cobra (Yoga calls this Locust), two more Yoga poses called: Boat and Bow.

Core Strength: reverse crunches, cable rotations, cable chop, reverse cable chop, and oblique jump twists.

During our Bat Speed Challenge, we'll have workout schedules, how to progress the exercises so you don't get hurt, how much weight to add, how to do the exercises right, etc.

But for now, you can look up the above on YouTube until we get that part of the Challenge rolling, and we'll post a link to this response.

Thanks Sigi for your question, and we hope this helps.

Joey Myers
Swing Smarter.com

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