What do you think of the XLR8 Speed Balls for Hit Training?

by Todd Henderson
(Cresskill, NJ, USA)

XLR8 Speed Training Balls

XLR8 Speed Training Balls

Are you at all familiar with XLR8 Speed Balls? I read an article about this product and it sounds like they might be a good tool to use as well for working on hitting off speed stuff.

I've attached a pic of my son on his follow through. Thanks again for your help, I look forward to reading all the information on your web page, it really is excellent.

Sincerely Todd Henderson Cresskill NJ

Swing Smarter Response:
Mr. Todd Henderson, thank you once again for your contributions to the Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Drills.com community, I really appreciate it, and I know other readers do too=-) So I send my deepest most sincere gratitude from Swing Smarter and the community.

About your question on the XLR8 Speed Balls...I really like them, they're made out of foam making cleanup easy (can't hit them very far), and having two ball surface textures; the pitcher doesn't have to change their arm speed and the ball speeds up or slows down depending on whether you're use the rougher or smoother textured ball.

The only concern with them are the two different colors (yellow = rougher texture, for off speed; white = smoother texture, for fastballs). It's too bad they couldn't make them both white, so the hitter cannot cue on the color contrast...in the game pitchers don't throw yellow and white balls, it's just white, so if the company kept the texture concept the same but made the balls all white, then you have a fool proof product!

Maybe you can spray paint the yellow ones white???

But all in all, a very good baseball hitting training product, you're on the right track my friend. All the best to you and that talented young man of yours.=-)


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Feb 01, 2010
No need to paint yellow balls white
by: harry

The yellow balls are for youth age and beginners. They make the off speed balls in white also for adults and the more experienced hitters.

Swing Smarter Response:
Ah-ha, good to know, thanks for the comment. I guess we weren't just born yesterday ;) The speed balls are definitely a great off speed hitting tool, we said that in the beginning, so glad you cleared up the color question we had.

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