What do you think of the MP 30 Training Bat by Jaime Cevallos?

MP30 Swing Mechanic Training Wood Bat

MP30 Swing Mechanic Training Wood Bat

What do you think of the MP 30 Training Bat (Jaime Cevallos)? Does it work or is it just a gimmick?

Swing Smarter Response:

Thanks for your question...

I first came across this hitting tool quite a few months ago and recently Jaime Cevallos, its inventor, showed up on one of my favorite online blogs (see Jaime's story on the FourHourBlog.com), and the rest is history.

Jaime Cevallos, AKA The Swing Mechanic (www.theswingmechanic.com), has made an impact on current Major Leaguers in the game after they've used the MP30 bat plus his video swing analyzer, Ben Zobrist for the Tampa Bay Rays, is one of them, excerpt from the above 4HWW article:

In 303 plate appearances before working with Cevallos, Zobrist had 3 home runs and a .259 slugging percentage. In the 309 plate appearances after, Zobrist hit 17 home runs with a .520 slugging percentage. "The numbers before I worked with Jaime compared to after speak for themselves," said Zobrist. In 2009, Zobrist won the team MVP award for the Rays, finishing the season with a .297 batting average and 27 home runs.

So not only is the MP30 getting endorsements from Big League names but it's also getting them results. Jaime Cevallos and the MP30 have also been featured in ESPN The Magazine, Baseball America, Yahoo! Finance, Fanhouse.com, and DRaysBay.com.

Let's go over the marks for this great baseball hitting aid:

  • Durable - A

  • Weight - A

  • Economical - A

  • User Friendly - A

  • Convenient/Compact (for storage) - A

  • Easy Assembly - A

  • Partner Needed? (Y/N) - No

  • Does this device teach you something? (Y/N)- Yes

The MP30 is made of select heavy Maple or Birch Wood, weighing in at 40 ounces, which normal adult bats are around 30-32 ounces. As you can probably see, it's a shorter bat and a bit thicker than ordinary game bats. The heavier weight, shorter length, and thicker grip all helps with muscle memory, as Jaime puts it, feel the hitting slot position, where the hips begin to lead.

There's an MP30 for adults, and an MP28 for kids. The "MP" was designated "More Power" and the "28" and "30" is the length.

The MP30 is $115 shipped, and cracked the Best Starting 9 in our store, The Starting Lineup, which compared to a maple Sam Bat (the bat Barry Bonds used to use), will run you around $120 plus shipping, and they don't teach you what the MP30 does. You can find Jaime Cevallos's MP30 training wood bat from the link below...


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