What do you think of the BatAction Hitting Aid??

by Wesley A Kring
(Elkhart, IN, USA)

BatAction Hitting Aid

BatAction Hitting Aid

Bat Action. Gives excellent feedback to hitter. Encourages (but doesn't demand, unfortunately) proper rotational mechanics. One person can get in 100 swings conveniently. Set up is just a bit clunky. Good storage, if/when using rolling 'cart'. Durably built.

Swing Smarter Response:
Hi Wesley A. Kring, thank you for your submission to The Starting Lineup of the BatAction batting aid. Unfortunately, we aren't a huge fan of this gadget and the similar Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine, which is a mistake endorsement by Mr. Jeter, we think. We feel very confident in the current BEST Starting 9.

The BatAction costs around $140 plus shipping, and if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I'd rather invest in the ATEC Tuffy Multi Baseball Batting Tee, which is $139 shipped, a hitter will get more out of it, and it will last forever...you can read the full "why" behind our reasoning at the above link to The Starting Lineup.

We appreciate your submission.


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