What do you think about the SKLZ Hit-A-Way trainer?

by Ed Mackey
(Raleigh, NC)

SKLZ Hit-A-Way Trainer

SKLZ Hit-A-Way Trainer

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the SKLZ Hit-A-Way trainer. We purchased one yesterday, and attached it to our basketball pole. My son (age 9) is starting to get used to it, and I am hoping this is a tool he can use by himself when I can't take him to a field or to the team batting cage. This is his first real baseball experience, and he is having trouble with the kid-pitch aspect.


Swing Smarter Response:
Hi Ed, thanks so much for your question, the SKLZ (Derek Jeter endorsed) hit-away-trainer is okay if you're only concern is to get your son more hacks.

Let me explain...

Unfortunately, I don't like how the gadget acts like a tether ball...our concern is we, at Swing Smarter, like to engage in perfect practice the way we're going to see it come game-time...your son won't see a ball coming at him like that in a game.

At your son's age I was throwing whiffle balls up and hitting them, they don't go too far and two dozen would keep him busy. It's a more effective way for his motor skills and eye-hand coordination to get better...it worked wonders for me. :)

Anyway, I don't mean to poo-poo the trainer you purchased, you're on the right track, I appreciate you contacting us, and I'm sure other readers will appreciate your question too :)

Please email us with any other questions or comments. All the best Ed to you and your son this season...


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Apr 25, 2016
Good hitting aid
by: Jst82

Having coached from high school kids to t ballera, you'll hear coaches say keep your head down and watch the ball. The swing away will help your hitter accomplish this. Sure soft toss is good, batting t work great for keeping swing in line. Wiffle ball toss is good, and combine with the hit away, I've seen my players greatly improve.
My current players ages 7-10 are using a combination of all 4 aids mentioned above, we've just locked up our 1st half, averaging 14 runs a game, with a 10-1 record. I see the kids watching ball to bat and smiles as they stand on base after getting a hit.

Jun 26, 2015
Nothing great
by: BigPoppaPntyDrppa

Granted it does improve hand and eye coordination but with my daughters experience it seems to promote her driving the ball to the 1st base side. Origanilly she was a strong left side hitter that drove the ball down the line. It seems to have her leaning towards the ball and thus hurting hur natural swing. Just my opinion, I will give her some time to get back into her natural swing and put this thing away for a while

Sep 19, 2014
success with hit-a-way
by: Anonymous

The hit-a-way has successfully improved the bat swing,accuracy,speed and power for 6 out of 7 grandchildren. They all use it, but adjust it up or down to meet their individual needs. They are ages 5,9,10,12,and 15. The oldest has also taught himself to switch hit. My only issue is the better he gets the more I have to buy. They will not take the beating he gives them. The last one only lasted 2-3 months and we still haven't found the ball. Only reason 7 out of 7 aren't using it, the youngest is only 3. One of the 6 that uses it plays girls softball. They all love it.

Sep 10, 2014
Just plain good
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other positive reviews. It is a great tool to promote hitting a moving object and will work on her/his timing skills as well. Plus, he or she can practice by themselves and promote initiative and self motivation. Portability is a big plus too. Last but not least....no broken neighbors windows!!

Jun 05, 2011
I just don't like it...
by: Joey from SwingSmarter.com

Sorry anonymous, I would rather invest money in something that's stood the test of time, like a tee, than on anything SKLZ has produced. They seem to make things to be "fun" for the family instead of actually improving a swing. A tee serves a purpose and is meant to work mechanics without the difficulty of hitting a moving object.

I challenge you to find one Division I, Pro, or Major Leaguer who puts their success in any SKLZ product...

Jun 03, 2011
Better than a Tee
by: Anonymous

You don't see a ball on a tee in a real game either. If you can hit a ball off a tee solidly every time, you're a better than someone who can't. Same with the Hit-a Way but the Hit-a-Way is better than a tee since the ball is moving and there's a timing aspect to it.

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