What do you think about the RBI Pro Swing??

by Bill Carlson
(Fort Worth Texas)

RBI Pro Swing Baseball/Softball Hitting Sleeve

RBI Pro Swing Baseball/Softball Hitting Sleeve

I have been using the RBIProswing for 2 months.

I have high praise for this product, it's simple but highly effective. What I like about this product is that it makes kids think about their swing, it doesn't work just on their mechanics, but on their mental side to, also it can be used anywhere, and anytime.

I do know one thing for sure, most kids swing just to swing, there is no purpose to their actions. Anytime you can get a kid to think when he his hitting, (practice, not games) he will be more relaxed and therefore start learning how to react instead of trying. Please let me know what your opinion is.
Thank You - Bill

P.S. Do you try all products, or sometimes just look at some of them? Please let me know.

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Mr. Bill Carlson for taking the time to submit your information for the RBI Pro Swing. We just received a product review recently for a baseball hitting aid called the ClapBat, where there's a sliding hockey puck built into the barrel, giving you almost the same feedback as the RBI Pro Swing, although there are a few major differences in the use and price in comparing the two batting aids...

The ClapBat is around $80 (because the device is connected to a maple wood bat, so you're paying for a new woody), and the RBI Pro Swing is like a weighted donut, which you slide over the barrel, and is only $29.95!

I'm not sure how durable the RBI Pro Swing sleeve is to hitting baseballs, but I see in the homepage video it will do well with hitting whiffles, tennis or racquet balls, etc.

The key is in the sound made when the sleeve is on the barrel and you take a hack...if, when you swing, the sound is too long, then we're too long. The shorter and crisper the sound, the shorter and more "hands inside" the swing.

Something to watch out for though...they have a few different weights: 9oz, 12oz, and 16oz...batting weights are only for warming up the body and forearm training, they do NOT increase bat speed (we've talked about this on the site), so don't take 1,000's of swings with an over-weighted bat...the sound feedback is what you're looking for, to keep the hands inside and short the ball.

So, do a few swings with the RBI Pro Swing sleeve on, then alternate without it, seeing if you can repeat the same muscle memory swing you're feeling & hearing with the hitting sleeve on.

And Bill, to answer your question about how we review these aids...sometimes we request the aid from the supplier if we're not sure of its use, other times we can tell right away if it'll work or not. Thanks to video, we can be more accurate in our assumptions.

Thanks again for your contribution to the Swing Smarter Community, we're sending out gratitude on behalf of every one of our readers :)


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Sep 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

great product teaches the player to keep there hands back and swing thru the ball!! The product has audio feedback that u can really hear!

Sep 27, 2010
Excellent Product, highly recommend
by: Anonymous

This is one of the best training aids to come out in years. A must for every baseball player.

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