What Do You Think About the Power Drive Hitting Tee Fold and Go?

by Patrick White
(Lumberton, NJ)

Fold-N-Go Power Drive Batting Tee

Fold-N-Go Power Drive Batting Tee

I have two sons (10 and 12 years old) that play Rec and Tournament baseball and I am looking for a swing aid that I can use in the garage during the winter.

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Patrick for your submission. If you're looking for something young ballplayers can work indoors with, then the Power Drive Fold-N-Go can be for you.

Indicated in the video, it's simple to setup and take down, it can easily switch over for right/left handed batters, and we can replace the suspended ball with an actual tee if we wanted to hit on the field.

I do like how gradual the sweep in the back is to keep the swing short, however I'm not sure what to make of the anti-lunging bar in front.

The issue is, kids might not always lunge when hitting off a tee (when the ball's stationary). Most lunging is brought out by seeing a pitched ball. I guess the anti-lunging bar couldn't hurt?? I just don't see its added value.

Otherwise, if you can see spending around $220, then go ahead, I don't think you can go wrong with this gadget allowing for small area indoor use.


Myself, and all 30 Major League clubs love the SwingAway, which if you're looking for a quality stationary hitting machine you can use indoors, then this is it.

It's part of Swing Smarter's The Starting Lineup Store: "The 9 Best Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet." It won't fix the issues the Fold-N-Go Power Drive Batting Tee will, but like I said the anti-lunging bar is a mute point anyway, and if your kiddos can bring the knob of the bat down to an imaginary incoming pitch (barrel above the hands just before contact), then you have the same recipe for success.

The SwingAway does fold up as well, is a little more bulky than the Power Drive Batting Tee, and the only bad thing is the first time putting it together will take about 3-4 hours.

The difference in price will be about $20-50 between the SwingAway and the Power Drive Batting Tee. In The Starting Lineup Store, the SwingAway is listed at $200 shipped. You'll also gain access to 8 FREE Power Packed Bonuses for purchasing.

Sorry for the shameless plug ;) I just love this stuff, and am tired of companies running well-intentioned fathers/mothers astray on baseball knowledge and equipment.

Either way Patrick, you can't lose. Good luck and thanks again for your submission!

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Dec 20, 2011
Thanks for the feedback Teddy V
by: Joey from SwingSmarter.com

I appreciate the words on the Power Brace Fold-N-Go Hitting Tee...

UPDATE: I wrote this review when I was still worshiping the Down & Through hitting philosophy, I believe, so the anti-lunging bar didn't make sense to me at the time, but now I understand it's intent. Yes, it'll probably help if a kid is lunging, and will keep them riding their back hip more and rotating from their spine, instead of throwing their weight at the ball (linear and lunging).

With a "heavy bat" type of swing, since we're trying to swing on an upward plane to meet the ball on its same path to the catcher's mit, then the "anti-lunging" bar will help get us on plane.

The only thing I don't like is with the black bar extending towards where the catcher. Now, on Swing Smarter (thanks to Chas Pippitt's teachings, we talk about barrel lag, slight spinal tilt towards the catcher, and tilting at the waist sideways toward the plate with the upper body, which dips the back shoulder.

This highlights the laws of physics, proper bio-mechanics, and is quite HEALTHY for a consistently powerful swing to get on plane with the ball better.

Will that black bar be a detriment to this kind of swing?

Also, I agree, the SwingAway isn't a hitting technique teaching tool...it's a superb repetition hitting aid, so we're kind of comparing apples to oranges here. I do know the SwingAway "is" in all 30 Professional team ballparks, whether Major League or Minors...regardless, the Pro's are using it. I know for a fact, even Pujols has used the SwingAway indoors during the winter months to hit.

Thank you for your comment Teddy V., I welcome any and all criticism...it helps people make a more informed decision on quality hitting aids.

Dec 20, 2011
The Pros of the Power Drive Fold-n-Go Tee
by: Teddy V.

The lung bar is not just for lunging or over striding but also sets you up at the POWER points to make contact with the ball. How many times have seen hitters line up at the tee and never stand in the same spot twice. It is the only product I have seen that truly builds your hand/eye coorination to make contact with the ball on your power points by lining you up at the SAME spot with every swing. There is NO other product that eliminates bad habits and teaches Proper hitting. There's one person that talks about the swing away and how 30 MLB teams use it. Well I have been in 8 of those MLB team cage areas and NONE of them have it. Think about it. If you have a bad habit or flaw in your swing like dropping your bat head the swing away and other products will let you continue to practice that bad habit and build those Bad Muscle Memories as to where the Power Drive Fold-n-Go Tee Won't. Also it is the only line of products that Gaurantee's POSITIVE results. That alone says enough about their products.

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