What do you think about the Power Drive Brace Hitting trainer

Power Drive Brace Hitting Trainer

Power Drive Brace Hitting Trainer

"Hands In" training tool. Endorsed by Rudy Jarmillo. Claims to increase bat speed and builds muscle memory to keep you hands and bat going through the zone properly. Have your heard of this and what are your thoughts?

Swing Smarter Response:
Keeping the hands inside the ball is one of the hardest things to teach in hitting. Interesting concept at www.batterupind.com of the Power Brace Hitting Trainer...in my fitness training I've come across a similar product at www.masssuit.com, and its inventor has this particular product in with big time MMA fighters and just signed Lance Armstrong on as an endorser. Totally unrelated news, but...

When it comes to these types of tools, you all know me, I'm very old school when it comes to hit training, and try to base some of these crazy contraptions on the idea of, "Would Ted Williams be caught dead using this?"

The hitters of yester-year were arguably better and had stronger more fundamental baseball swings than our more modern day Major Leaguers...even with them being on PED's!


Because it was before the aluminum bat came on the market. If we practice with a wood bat all the time from an early age, we learn to keep our hands inside the ball because if we continue our long and boring aluminum swings, then we'll get sawed off, jammed, and shake-n-baked, breaking our bats.

Enter aluminum, and following close behind were these gadgets to overcome all the swing imbalances & inefficiencies these metal bats were creating.

Sorry to get off topic, but I felt this deserved critical mass note; we return to the original question of whether the Power Brace Hitting Trainer will be worth your money...

Yeah, it looks like it would do a good job of keeping our hands inside the ball, but I think getting used to swinging a wood bat has much more benefit to a hitter, and not just keeping the hands inside the ball, but many other Swing Smarter benefits as well.

You see, this particular hitting aid only fixes one thing...a wood bat kills a variety of birds with one stone. I didn't even catch how much it is, but would guess between $20-40 bucks, not bad if you're a gadget lover :/

I still think spending the money on a real hitting aid, like the Jaime Cevallos MP30/28 Wood Training Bat, is money well invested.

Hope this helps :) Thanks so much for the inquiry...

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