What do you think about the Pitcher's Nightmare Swing Trainer



I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Pitcher's Nightmare Device?

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks for the inquiry about the Pitcher's Nightmare device. From the looks of it this hitting aid helps with loading the hands, staying inside the baseball, and getting through the ball with added resistance of the bands tied to the back leg and arm.

Again, here's another hitting aid boasting a Major League endorsement, Chris Dickerson and Terry Pendleton, which immediately throws up a red flag to me.

UPDATE: I've used the Pitcher's Nightmare and don't like it. Let me tell you why...

I don't believe in "hand path" anymore. The hands DO NOT need work when we hit. If we're using forward momentum correctly -- going forward, then getting back -- then our hands don't NEED to work.

So, in other words, we don't need resistance to "push" through the impact point...our body's momentum will take care of that.

The other thing...

By putting resistance on the knee to "pull" back when the hands "push" forward, anchors the back side down, instead of letting it pull, or crash, through to the front side.

This is using RNT, or Reactive Neuromuscular Training, for bad rather than good.

Your body will naturally want to go against resistance, so if we want the back knee to gain ground forward (look at any of the top 10 hitters on video in the Big Leagues for this), then why would we want to create resistance back towards the catcher?

I think, unless this hitting aid is modified, we should all stay away from it. You make the call Swing Smarter peeps!


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Jun 15, 2014
Don't knock it till u try it
by: Baseball guru

I bought the pitchers nightmare one for myself and my son. I have seen my swing improve and hitting the ball harder on a more consistent basis. I personally think it is one of the better hitting devices for the price out there!

Mar 04, 2013
My son is using it and paying off
by: Dr LO jones

My son keeps his in his bat bag and takes tee no with it .try it don't listen to the haters who just want u to buy there product for more $$$. Also,try the inside hitter bat trainer.

Oct 15, 2012
Better than the comp
by: Coach Bob

The pitchers nightmare is better quality than other resistance trainers on the market. It gets the job done.. and now is only 49 - 55 bucks. Check it out yourself

Aug 28, 2012
Best of the resistance trainers
by: Anonymous

We've been using the youth version and it works very well and is rerally well made. Its been living in a bat bag for months and is holding up nice and does what its intended to do

Mar 10, 2012
Best of the resistance trainers
by: Coach Bob

I've used many resistace trainers the Pitchers nightmare is more functional and heavier quality than most that i've seen. I also saw a few majors using this at Spring Training and thats always a good sign

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