What do you think about the kettlebell training for baseball DVD

by Dennis

Hey, have you heard about the kettlebell training for baseball DVD? it seems like a good workout, but I just wanna make sure if it's something you think I should wisely use my money on? And, if the kettlebell training for baseball isn't a guy buy, then what are some other options i can use to be a smarter hitter? i was thinking about buying the xlr8 speed bat hitting system?? Can u please tell me if any of these options work?


Swing Smarter Response
First of all, thanks Dennis for bringing this product to light...

I haven't watched the DVD, but it sounds like Coach Dan is knowledgeable about the game and knows how to tailor training programs for baseball athletes, and he's teamed up with Jason C. Brown, a leading authority on kettlebell training, for this program.

Here's what you get...

For $47 you get a 45 minute DVD with over 50 kettlebell exercises directly related to baseball sport-specific training, 60+ page training manual to get you through a 12-week program, and 1 month of follow up consults.

I think this would be a well rounded training system to invest in for increasing strength and bat speed, if you're still not sure, it comes with a NO hassle 90-Day money back guarantee, so if you don't like it, then send it back for a 100% refund. If you're interested in learning more about it, then CLICK BaseballStrength.com

That being said Dennis, if you're looking for ways to increase bat speed, then check out the Swing Smarter Albert Pujols inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge HERE. We cover everything from mechanics to nutrition to fitness training, and will have some flexibility added in the next month or so. And it's all FREE!!

We're also getting ready to unleash Swing Smarter's The Starting Lineup storefront featuring "The 9 Best Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet" soon. So please subscribe to our RSS feed to stay tuned.

Also, about the xlr8 Speed Bat Hitting System, here are a couple hitting aid review articles already written on the site about the XLR8 product, and one on the Big League Eyes (please read other the readers' comments on this one, there are some fantastic money saving ideas that may be less pricey than the XLR8 system :)

Hope this all this helps Dennis. Keep Swinging Smarter!


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