What do you think about the GroBat from Hitmaster?




Just wondered what you thought of the GroBat from Hitmaster? Looks like the main benefits are (1) the bat won't destroy your plastic practice balls, (2) the sweet-spot cushion provides immediate feedback if you hit the sweet-spot or not, and (3) the bat is weighted to mimic your regular bat.


I'm sure the reason this product, specifically the sweet-spot cushion, was invented was so the company's plastic ball pitching machine wouldn't get jammed up with practice balls that have been knocked out of shape and get stuck in the machine.

But, even without the machine, having some type of padding on the bat extends the life of the practice balls, if anyone even cares about extending their life. It's kind of fun to tear them up and break'em!

Sam in Canada

Swing Smarter Response:

Hey Sam in Canada, great question...I came upon this nifty gadget after I contacted Sports Product Consultants about featuring their Personal Pitcher on the upcoming Swing Smarter Starting Lineup storefront with 9 of the best baseball hitting aids on the planet.

I always used to play whiffle ball as a kid and used the old light yellow long plastic bat with whiffle balls. The Grobat seems to simulate the same thing, except for the fact they make the bat as heavy as a real one.

I agree, it's cool to break those whiffles from time to time, but if someone is on a budget the Grobat will be good at saving whiffles and giving instant feedback as to where the hitter is making contact on the barrel.

You can also shorten the bat with handle rings if it swings a little long for some.

In the old days, and in the developing world, they used/use broom handles and golf balls...they all accomplish the same thing, better hand-eye coordination and better precision in hitting the ball hard more consistently.

You can't go wrong with the Grobat :) Thanks again for your question.


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Oct 10, 2011
only one big flaw
by: Richard R

I got the grobat just a few days ago and was trying it out and its a great tool, When i got mine the screwed wall was not perfect so when i put in the weight it ripped the plastic covering so I removed the the plastic and the weight moved more freely inside so to combat that and keep the weight at the end i put a dowel in there to keep it right and the weights would not move. Not a big problem. To me the biggest flaw is the grip material itself, its looks really nice got the hitmaster name on it and all, but after playing one round with it it looked liked its been used for 5 years. I rubbed my thumb on it and the material was just coming off. I don't mind replacing it with something better i just think if you are paying that much for a it that it would come with a good material for the grip. Still very happy with my purchase though.

Jan 28, 2010
Brilliant Idea
by: Ben Z.

I couldn't wait. I went and bought a set of foam grips this evening to put on my Jugs Hitting Stick. I paid $5.95 at the bike store for the two grips.

Turns out, the store I went to used to be a Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike dealer and they had a set of grips in stock. The actual grips look just like the Grobat pad pictured. They have a nice soft cushion feel. The hairspray worked like a champ.

Ben Z.
Houston, Texas

Swing Smarter Response:
We like the way you think Ben Z., perfect solution to re-creating a current hitting aid for cheaper and getting the same effect :) We couldn't of put it better ourselves. Nice job!

Jan 28, 2010
Cheap Bat Stick Solution to Protect Wiffles
by: Anonymous

If someone already has a hitting stick and doesn't want to purchase a new one, all they have to do is drop by their local bicycle store that carries Schwinn Airdyne replacement parts and purchase a foam bike grip for $3. Specifically, they'll want to purchase an 8" Schwinn Airdyne Handlebar Grip, pictured here from SportSmith:

The grip weighs 2 oz. and fits perfectly on a hitting stick (i.e. Pujols Quick Stick, a SKLZ Lightning Stick, or a 1.25" broom handle). Advanced hitters might want to cut the grip in half to simulate a smaller sweet-spot. Since you have to purchase them as a set, you can split the cost with a buddy or start with an 8" pad as a beginner, and when you get better, cut the 8" pad off and put on a half of a grip 4" long.

To put the pad on, all you have to do is spray a little hair spray down into the cylinder of the grip (not too much). Then, slip it on, wait 24 hours, and hit away! Lay your game bat next to the stick to make sure that the stick pad is in the center of your game bats sweet-spot. After 24 hours, it's impossible to slide the grip!

This solution will extend the life of your practice balls, keeping them from warping and breaking.

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