What do you think about Derek Jeter's Zip-N-Hit Hitting Aid

by Dana
(Austin, TX)

Zip & Hit Pro

Zip & Hit Pro

What do you think about the SKLZ Zip-N-Hit for use in getting more swings for young batters? We live 30 minutes from the batting cages and are tired of missed pitches.

Swing Smarter Response:
Dana, we feel your pain when it comes to driving time to the range and missing pitches. I don't really like any of the Derek Jeter endorsed hitting aids out there especially this one. Here's why...

The hardest thing to do as a hitter is to take your grooved batting practice swing onto an open field batter's box, every hitter will tell you that. That being said, the more awkward objects you use in the cages (i.e. Zip-N-Hit, Hands Back Hitter, Instructo Swing, etc.) the harder it will be to transfer all the hard work a hitter puts into the cages onto the field.

I think less is more. The best pitcher/hitter simulator out there, especially if you don't have a partner, is the Personal Pitcher hitting aid. It uses golf ball sized whiffle balls (awesome for hand-eye coordination), and it goes off a timer.

Check out the review we did on Swing Smarter here.

Hope this helps, trust me when I say I feel your pain. There are better alternatives to the mainstream gadgets out there, and SwingSmarter.com is the place to find them :)


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