What are Your Thoughts on the Hitting Jack-It Bat Weight?

by Jose



Do you like the idea of this bat weight that goes in the middle of the bat to prevent casting and can hit live BP? Do you think it can increase bat speed and power?

Swing Smarter Response:
Interesting find Jose, I do like the idea of the Jack-It. Not really mentioned in the video (unless I missed it) was the fact weight distribution is more evenly distributed because the Jack-It doesn't slide all the way down the barrel like other bat weights, but only goes to the middle of the bat. I think they mentioned this same fact, but more along the lines of being able to hit live with the weight still on the bat.

I'm not a fan of too much weight added to the bat, so the 16 & 21 ounce models are too much for my purposes as a coach or instructor, but the 9 & 12 ounce models are great. The JackIt also has a 30 day $20 try it to buy it promo with the balance of $30 due at the end if you like it. Also, part of the proceeds go to help inter-city kids.

I think this would help with bat speed and power...most importantly, it would aid in swinging the bat with the legs, hips, and core which is so crucial to the "mass" part of: Force = Mass X Acceleration equation. Instead of casting the arms away from the body, which is one of the worst habits these overly light aluminum bats create, the extra weight would activate the torso to move the weight of the bat with the upper body gladly following in toe.

I like how these Estrada brothers are thinking, good find Jose! I now want to know what my Swing Smarter Band of Brothers have to say about this baseball hitting aid...

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Mar 23, 2015
Where to buy
by: Jared

Everyone is saying that it is hard to buy in singles now a- days but if you go online to like ebay you can find a bunch but i prefer better baseball.com.

Nov 02, 2012
by: Joey from SwingSmarter.com

Thanks for the comment...the complete packaging is probably do to the fact, the store wants to actually make money on a product, such as this, with a small price point...so they've made the company Jackit! bundle them together with a higher price point.

The Hitting Jackit! is also advertised nationally on TV now, so that's going to drive up their costs as well. Sorry about that, but it seems like a good product. Try looking on ebay for the singles :)

Oct 21, 2012
Poor Marketing
by: Anonymous

I tried to buy one for my 9 year old at local store. They told me that the company no longer sells as singles ... but got to buy the WHOLE set!!! Store also told me that hitting jackit company is hard to deal with and unrealible for shipments

Aug 23, 2011
Hitting Jack-It
by: Matt

I live in Arizona and go to Spring Training every year. Last year I started seeing the Hitting Jack-It's all over the fields. They had to cover them with wood colored duct tape to make MLB happy but there is a ground swell for the product. It does make very good sense that the weight is balanced and you actually can take batting practice with the light weight one.

Awesome product and very reasonable price. Also,

Did anyone see Hunter Pence last week go to the plate with "The Hitting Jack-It on his bat? Priceless he actually was warming up in the on deck circle and got all the way to the batters box, dug in all the while the dugout is yelling at him to take it off! Finally he steps out and removes the Hitting Jack-It from his bat.

I guess we'll never really know that it makes the extra weight balanced on the bat for sure.

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