What are your thoughts on the Hands Back Hitter Pro?

by Matt Everson
(Santa Rosa, CA)

The Backyard Batter is an awesome hitting aid for keeping the

The Backyard Batter is an awesome hitting aid for keeping the "hands back"

Any thoughts on the Hands Back Hitter Pro?

Swing Smarter Response:
Please note: the above picture and below video are of the Backyard Batter, NOT the Hands Back Hitter Pro...the Backyard Batter is a much healthier swing alternative.

Thank you for your post Matt, we've reviewed The Hands Back Hitter HERE on SwingSmarter.com.

The main problem my hitting clients have with this hitting aid is the fact you have to forcefully step on the trigger (a string) to get the ball to pop up, which could really develop some bad habits such as: over-striding or causing the eyes to bounce.

The stride should gently slide forward, with the weight on the inside ball of the foot.

If you want to train the swing to truly keep the "hands back" try the Backyard Batter (pictured above & featured in Swing Smarter's The Starting Lineup online store featuring "The 9 Best Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet," the link to the store is below the video :)

Thanks Matt!


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