What about the Pop-Toss Batting Tee and the Pull The Trigger Hitter?

by David
(Woodbridge, VA)

Pop Toss Batting Tee

Pop Toss Batting Tee

Pop Toss Batting Tee
Pull The Trigger Hitter

What are your thoughts on both of these devices?

1. Pop-Toss can be found at http://21stcenturybattingtees.com/
2. Pull the trigger hitter can be found at http://www.baseballrotationalhittingaid.com/

I am getting ready for winter workouts for a girls travel softball team and I purchased the pop toss device but have read some reviews that say it wont help. Can you check these both out for me and share your opinion

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks for your submissions David...first, let's chat about the Pop Toss Batting Tee:

I love soft toss machines, but only when you don't have to do anything but concentrate on hitting the baseball, like the Wheeler Dealer Spitter ($379 shipped from TheStartingLineupStore.com).

What I don't like about the Pop Toss is you must reload the darn thing every time. I know, I know, hitting off a tee isn't any different, but soft toss is typically done with a partner who tosses the ball for you, the hitter doesn't have to do anything but swing the bat.

I would rather hit off a tee, than the PT, and invest in the Wheeler Dealer Spitter for soft toss (to take out the use of a partner)...I would also assume the WDS would last a lot longer than the $49.99 Pop Toss, and your players will love it indoors.

The bottom line...

I see the Pop Toss uncomfortably speeding up a hitter's tempo, in addition to breaking their concentration with the constant stopping-and-re-loading every time.

Now, what about the Pull the Trigger Hitter?

David, I just don't like these stationary spinning, tethered balls on a string, or the hitting stick type hitting gadgets. I don't know what it is about these things that make me want to hit myself in the shin with a ball-peen hammer, but they get me in that mood.

The price? Holy cow! For a Pull the Trigger Hitter Package, which includes spinner, 3-way receiver, and chain clamp is $119! And if you want their Portable Hitting Station, add another $379!

The best way to go for a portable stationary hitting gadget is the SwingAway. The basic model costs $199 shipped from TheStartingLineupStore.com.

I know it gets cold out there in Virginia, so indoor training is a must. We have to remember, we always get what we pay for, and to improve hitting: mechanics are priority one, then quality repetition.

I hope this helps David, try and stay warm this winter :)

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Mar 09, 2011
Pop toss
by: Commited Coach

I understand what you are getting at regarding the Pop Toss, but at the same time I think you missed the point of the machine and the drills you use it for.

For one thing muscle memory is great, but never during a game have I seen a pitcher throw ten pitches down the middle of the plate in 12 seconds.

Soft toss is good to get warmed up for a game, but to use it all the time in practice can create bad habits and vertical movement of the hands in a players swing. Traditional Soft toss can create bad muscle memory for your swing by using the momentum of your back swing from the previous swing (pitch).

During a game a player must be coiled in their batting stance and when the pitch comes they need to explode through the strike-zone. The time it takes for a player to load the Pop Toss is comparable to the time in between pitches, faster is not always better when it comes to teaching and promoting good batting habits.

Batting cages are great for practicing the swing from the comfortable (relaxed) batting stance, but they will pitch the ball to the same place over and over again and they don't fit in your bat bag.

The Pop Toss allows hitters to practice on their own as well as improve their timing and swing better than a stationary tee. I need players to get good time in with their swing at practice and by themselves.

The Pop Toss is affordable and portable, so I can have ten players hitting at once and if the player has one at home they can practice in their backyard. So, there is a place for it in my practices, and with my players and results speak louder than words.

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