Want to Correct Overstriding? Check out the DEWSTEP

by Gary Barth
(Hot Springs, AR)

In using the DEWSTEP...

By optimizing a hitter's weight transfer during the swing, it reduces the tendency of the hitter to over-stride or "step in the bucket" with the front foot. All this is accomplished by redefining muscle memory.

Ballplayers of all ages and abilities can benefit from using the DEWSTEP® training device, while little league and tee ballers can benefit the most from this muscle memory device.

Habits, such as over-striding, are hard to break once you have done them for a lengthy time.

Not only will it teach optimized weight transfer to young baseball players, it will keep them fine tuned using it over and over again.

Swing Smarter Response:

Thanks Gary for the submission of your product, sorry I had to clean up your original posting to take out a lot of the marketing language. We truly appreciate the time you put into it.

Simple product, inexpensive ($36 shipped), and definitely helping to conquer a problem of most youth, over-striding. I think the YouTube video above speaks for itself on how to use the product, we like the concept...the only holdup may be that some of our innovative genius readers on Swing Smarter can re-animate it themselves.

Thanks for contacting us Gary, we truly appreciate adding your product to our growing list of baseball hitting aid reviews :)


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