WAG™ Weighted Agility Gloves

by Jose

Can be found at: http://www.drazathletics.com/Baseball.html

Can be found at: http://www.drazathletics.com/Baseball.html

WAG™ Weighted Agility Gloves do you think this gloves are effective for bat speed. Do you think these gloves work if use daily during batting practice.

Swing Smarter Response:
Great find Jose, I used to see these gloves on the hands of wide receivers during football practices, but never really looked into them myself. They seem to be legit.

From the site, it looks like the Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Twins organizations has had some success with the gloves and their training.

Supposedly, you can use them in normal dexterity ball drills and hitting. Here are some of the benefits found on the above website:

  • Strengthens hands, fingers, wrists and forearms up to 40%

  • Increases quickness by 5-20%

  • Useful in over 40 sports and physical therapy

  • Enhances agility, coordination, and dexterity

  • Faster sprinting/running

Now, here's my hold up...

I'm a believer in functional total body movement, and isolating the hands with weighted training seems to be putting MORE air in a popped flat tire.

Speaking about functionality, baseball is a sport where 90% of movement is based in the Transverse Movement Plane, in other words, around our spine. A majority of the time, we use the internal and external obliques to rotate, in addition to a bunch of other internal core structures, but I'm just saving for the sake of argument.

So, wouldn't we want to train those big strong muscles a majority of the time then?

Don't get me wrong, the wrists, hands, and forearms are important muscles to train, they are the last link in the kinetic chain, or the end of a whip, is what I like to refer to them as. The best forearm training can be found in this Swing Smarter interview with Grip Specialist Jedd Johnson.

So, what am I saying?

All functional movement originates from the core, so would you rather spend $50-60 plus shipping on the WAG weighted gloves or on a $85 shipped sixty-pound adjustable weighted vest

You see, the problem is, with the light weight of aluminum bats and their HUGE sweet spots, we've gotten into the bad habit over the last 40 years (advent of aluminum bats) of swinging the bat with our upper bodies, and NOT with our hips and core. So, weighting our hands would add to this flawed upper body dominated swing.

I think the gloves have their place in isolated movements like feet-planted catch drills (like in the YouTube video above), but for overall functional hitting movements I think these miss the point.

Great question Jose! :)

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