Trouble Hitting off front foot

by George

Hitting off the front foot

Hitting off the front foot

Hitting off the front foot

Im 11 and have a big issue of hitting on my front foot. During the first half of the season I was hitting good. Then I got in my bad habit that I've had for 3 years. When I swing I lean towards the ball and way out in front. My coach and dad have tried to help and what they tell me to do i do at practice perfect but in a game I go right back where I started. Need some drills

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey George, this is a problem of all linear hitters and those that are swinging the bat with their upper bodies.

The reason your body keeps defaulting to this position in games is because you're not getting enough hip thrust. The core and hips should be swinging the bat, NOT the upper body.

I have two great articles for you to read that will tackle the issue of hitting off the front foot instead of behind the front foot...

Check out the Swing sponsored hitting blog called Chas Pippitt's Baseball Hitting Rebellion, this particular article does a great job explaining HOW TO keep the critical 4 points deep.

The drill I want you to practice can be found on Swing Smarter's own Best Drills page...I want you to do Hitting Drill #3, this will help you to "feel" what the role of the front leg is. You can view that piece by CLICKING HERE.

I hope this helps George :)

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