Timing at the Plate & How-To Make the Transition into College Baseball

Hitting college pitching has been a struggle thus far with getting my timing and balance to start my swing. I haven't been striding in my swing but instead just lifting my back heel of the front foot for timing. I was thinking of switching to a toe tap or just a stride starting early and slow. I keep hearing start early and slow but I'm having trouble making it happen on the field. Any suggestions?

Swing Smarter Response:

Without looking at your swing, I'm going to have to cast a wide blanket.

The difference in College pitchers versus High School is there are more pitchers with better velocity, and more control over pitch placement.

Depending on how competitive your league in High School was and what Division you're playing in in college, the difference could be overwhelming and could throw off something as simple as timing and balance.

Another cause for this disruption can be faulty hitting mechanic philosophy.

We'll address all this below...

I know you're looking for advice on stride and timing here, but please stick with me, there are a few issues to talk about first...

2 Major Checkpoints

How's your head movement on slow motion video? The head and spine should stop moving forward as soon as stride touch and front heel plant.

You said your balance wasn't too good, so that is the next major checkpoint. You should be able to take as hard of a swing as you can, under complete control, without falling over.

Once these checkout, then we can move onto the technical aspects.

Do I Smell What Down & Through is Cooking?

The big question now is are you a Down & Through guy? Or a Nike Swoosh barrel path type of hitter?

What does this have to do with stride timing, and whether you should go with a no-stride, toe-tap, leg kick, or slide-step type of pre-swing?

What I'm hearing is you're definitely having a harder time hitting better pitching, which is normal, but you have to adapt and change to the speed of the game.

And, Down & Through sure got me through High School, but in college I hit my ceiling because pitchers knew how to exploit the Down & Through swing.

We have to evolve and get better.

My advice is to...

  1. Check your head positioning on film and make sure your eyes are behind the barrel at and through impact.

  2. Master balance in your swing,

  3. Try a few of the other stride types mentioned above.

THEN, get educated on elite swing technique used by the most consistently powerful Major Leaguers, and check out BaseballHittingRebellion.com for the latest and greatest from Hitting Yoda Chas Pippitt.

You won't be disappointed.

Let me know how it goes brother, and enjoy college ball...it was the most fun I ever had on a ball field.

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