The Schutt® Striker II

by John Meyer

The Schutt Striker II

The Schutt Striker II

I am looking at buying this the The Schutt® Striker II

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey John, thanks for your submission of the Schutt Striker II. It all depends on how old you are, and what you want to get out of this hitting aid??

The only thing the Schutt Striker II may be good for is getting some extra reps in. Would you catch a Major Leaguer, Pro, or College guy using this? Probably not. However, I don't think it would hurt you, and it only costs about $60 online.

To tell you the truth John, I'm old school, and would most definitely hit with a tee instead, so I can see the flight path of the ball. I hope this helps!

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