Tanner Tee and Jugs 5-Point Tee

by Brandon
(Terre Haute, IN)

Tanner Tees

Tanner Tees

Joey, I was wondering what you thought of the Tanner Tee. Have you ever used one of these. From browsing around some message boards, many say that it is about the best.

Also, have you ever used the 5-Point Tee from Jugs. Do the multiple positions actually help with hitting the ball in to the right part of the field? (Outside pitch to the opposite field).

Thanks Joey,

Swing Smarter Response:
Hi Brandon, great questions to two of the most common tees found on the internet.

Most tees you can't go wrong with unless they start adding weird contraptions (like the Champro Equitee Batting Tee) to attempt curing a hitting fault. In other words, chances are if they get to fancy, run the other way.

I do like the Tanner Tee, although I never used a "Tanner" tee exactly, but a buddy of mine had the same idea and created a lightweight one with the same "coned" rubber at the top and it seemed to hold up pretty well to excess swing abuse.

Two of the best tee abilities, and are characteristic of what the Tanner Tees have, are they're light weight and easily broken down.

However, I do like to have a little weight to my tees so the dang thing doesn't constantly tip over, so that's why I love the Backspin Batting Tee which is super durable and is a concept tee...meaning it teaches hitters to seek the bottom half of the ball.

JUGS 5 Point Batting Tee
Now, as for the JUGS 5 Point tee, like I said before, a tee is a tee. With a multi use tee like this having the ability to slot the ball in different areas to simulate pitch locations, we need to make sure the slots are out in front of the regulation plate.

We never wait until the ball is over the plate because then it's too late to pull the trigger, our batting average goes down the deeper the ball gets from the pitcher's hand to the catcher's mit. Even breaking stuff we need to get out-in-front, so we don't give it a chance to break.

So, these two tee choices are okay, although personally, I like the ATEC tee mentioned above because of its durability, and it's what you'll find in most Major League batting cages.

Hope all this helps, if you have anymore questions, you know where to find us. Happy hitting this year Brandon, we appreciate your questions tremendously and we think the Swing Smarter community does as well :)


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May 05, 2015
Love the Tanner Tee!
by: Jeff

I highly recommend the Tanner Tee. Mine has lasted forever and now my kid hits off of it. Tanner does sell a weight for their tee but I don't recommend it. If you strike the ball properly, it doesn't tip. It will only tip if you have a bad swing - so the added weight can actually develop bad habits. Still a family business made here in America and the quality is unbeatable. Just my two cents on the subject.

Nov 10, 2010
Tee that make sense
by: Todd

I got a great tip from Ralph Weekly, softball coach at Univ. of Tenn. We bought a tee called the ProXTee 300 it has lasted forever and I can set up a ton of drills to teach proper swing mechanics. My best drill. Inside Middle and Outside. All three at one time. My hitters cant cheat with their feet on an outside pitch.

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