Taking Batting Practice with Weighted Vest?

by jose

Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest

Whats your thoughts on hitting with a weighted vest on. When I take it off wouldn't my hips and core and body move faster, so wouldn't that increase bat speed or power?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey again Jose, just like I mentioned from your submission of the Weighted Agility Gloves (WAG), I think a weighted vest would be a better bat speed trainer because it would involve the most important core muscles used with the swing.

The baseball sport is played on the transverse plane of motion, or in easy terms, a dominant twisting and untwisting locomotion. We call on the big internal & external oblique muscles, these are the ripples or lady finger looking muscles on our rib cage.

This is why I said weighting the hands will do nothing for improving these muscles, however I haven't tried swinging with a weighted vest yet, so I'd like the Swing Smarter community to weigh in on this until I can get my hands on one.

You can use the comment link located at the bottom of this article, thanks group! Hope this helps Jose.

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