Switch Hitting: Which Way Do I Bat?

by Robert

I'm in a debate about which side of the plate one should swing from when facing a Lefty or Righty pitcher. Talking with my son, who happens to be a switch hitter, says he'd rather bat right with a righty, and left with a lefty. He says he can pick the ball up better.

Others say no it's the opposite. I tend to agree with my son since he is the one actually doing it.

I use the switch hitters to drive the ball deeper into right (or left) field, depending on the game situation.

Swing Smarter Response:
You're right Robert, conventional wisdom in baseball says, for switch hitters, to bat right handed against lefties, and left against righties. Supposedly, the reason behind this is because we can see the ball longer coming from an opposite handed pitcher than a same-sided one.

Heck, Big League scouting hang their hats on these same side versus opposite hitting & pitching matrices. Mostly lefty versus lefty though.

It's because both lefty hitters and pitchers are both a rarity in baseball...shoot, in the world! And, no, I don't subscribe to the maxim, "Lefties are always 'right.'" :P

I'm a righty, and I ALWAYS loved hitting lefty pitchers, no matter how hard they threw or how great their stuff was.

Now I will say, I'd prefer seeing a breaking ball coming from a lefty pitcher than a righty...for me, it's easier to square up a ball coming in rather than away.

But, you see, I was a Down & Through guy who didn't particularly see the ball as well as if I was more of a "heavy bat" type of hitter.

My best advice with your son Robert (and this goes for anyone out there in the same situation), he's still young, let him do what he wants to do...if he feels more comfortable hitting same-side pitching, then do it!

I'm sure down the line, there will be coaches wanting to change that, so just a heads up ;)

I hope this helps amigo!

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