Take 100 Quality Cuts in 15 Minutes Using SwingAway's Unmatched Performance In The Comfort Of Your Own Home With No Cleanup Required...

SwingAway Baseball Hitting Product Review

Here are the major ADVANTAGES SwingAway (SA) has over run-of-the-mill batting tees:

  • No cleanup required - just fold-and-go (three minutes or less), 
  • No net needed to hit into (saves you over $150!!), 
  • Rugged long-lasting steel pole construction and quality netting gauge to put up with major abuse over time, and
  • The 3-second-ball-return, can get you 10-15 quality swings per minute, 100-150 cuts in 10-15 minutes.  Which means more productive individual or team workouts!

And, here are the major advantages over its most direct competitor, The Solohitter: 

  • Better quality construction, 
  • Product is always improving, 
  • Snappier bungee system (less time between swings), and
  • Solohitter is only for one hitter (hence the name), and not for team use - not to mention heavy abuse.

In this Video, See Why You HAVE to Try This Baseball Hitting Gadget...

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Learn the SA Secret Sauce to Optimizing Competitive Motor-Learning Patterns

Shrinking the Game Down

In Daniel Coyle's book, The Talent Code, he talks about Brazilian soccer players practicing a game called Futsal.  Basically it's two soccer teams playing each other on a soccer field one-third the size.  

Coyle comes to the conclusion that Brazil's leading five Soccer World Cup championships stem from this hyper-learning state of play at an early age.

The SwingAway can do just that for baseball and softball hitters.

Unique Suspended Bungee System Means No More Chasing or Picking Up Balls

Tougher more durable bungees have quick return-to-action response, and the best part is...because the ball is attached to the stationary machine, and floating in mid-air, there's no more chasing or picking up balls.  

Heavy hitting abusers have forced the company to continually keep up the quality of their equipment.  In other words, current bungees are engineered to take on A LOT of abuse!

Train All-Year-Round

You can hit in your garage.  You can also hit indoors (say, a basement). All you need is a ten-foot by ten-foot area to hit in with no worry of breaking inanimate objects.  Just make sure nothing breakable - like lights or the garage door opening motor - are above your head.  

You can literally train all-year-round.  A big plus is both the Bryce Harper MVP Red and Pro Traveler models fold flat in seconds for maximum portability and store-ability.  Providing the ultimate in convenience and compact usage.  

Great Drill Station for Productive Team Workouts

This is a great feature - mostly inherent with the Pro Traveler model - because if you play in out-of-town tournaments, then you know how important it is to have an instant hitting station weighing less than fifty pounds.  No messy cleanup required.  

Take quality swings on a quality piece of proven equipment.  Have the convenience of hitting anywhere, anytime.  Don’t get to the Tournament only to find there are no batting cages available.  Shrinking the game down couldn't be easier and more convenient.

Clearly See Ball Exit Path & Feel the Sweet Spot

The quick and tough return-to-action bungees provide Instant visual feedback of where the ball would have been hit - if unattached.  The batter can develop of quick mental snapshot of the trajectory of each batted ball.  You can also really tell whether you crushed a ball, or didn't quite "get it." 

And also, this is effective when recording the swing and doing video analysis.  You can record all angles without fear of getting hit by a batted ball. 

Live Pitch "Feel" Conveniently at Your Humble-Abode

Imagine you're a magician, and you could float a baseball in mid-aid over the middle of the plate, in-line with the front foot...now, as you look out to the pitcher, you follow his motion, pick up the arm slot, get the barrel on early upward plane with the ball, and crack!  Visually, you see the ball drive - on a line - to center-field.  The sound and feel of 100 squared up simulated live pitches in 10 minutes using the SA is what shrinking the game down is all about.  No mess.  Quality swings from a quality product.  With the convenience of being at home.

A hitter's timing is a highly valuable asset, and being able to simulate a real At-Bat with a pitcher dry throwing in the background is priceless.

Setting Up Different Pitches is a Cinch!

SA's functional design allows the batter to easily position the ball anywhere in the strike zone...a little tug on the backside bungee system can adjust the height of the pitch.  

For instance, to adjust pitch depth on an inside pitch...hover the ball on the inside corner about 6-12 inches out in front of the lead foot.  And for an outside pitch...hover the ball over the outside part of the plate, in-line with the belly-button.  Talk about ease of use and versatility.

Converts to a World-Class Pitch Back

You can very easily convert your SA into a world class Pitch-Back for defensive and throwing drills.  This versatility allows this batting aid to be more than just for hitting.  I loved - and wore out - the old school Pitch-Back I had growing up.  Kids just don't use them any more.  Use it to "play catch" solo, no partner needed...use it to throw you ground balls...or fly balls.   Again, there's no wasted time in shrinking the game down to optimizing performance on the field.  

Passion and Constant Improvement in Quality, Durability, and Usability are Swing Away's Sweet Spot

SA provides a stationary hitting product that rigorously follows a never-ending cycle of testing and improvement.  Reinforced poles.  More durable bungees.  Stronger netting.  It's a never-ending process with Swing Away.

SA is a widely accepted brand to all 30 Major League practice facilities.  They sell well over 10,000 units per year.  Current players like Bryce Harper love hitting on them - and have, since they were little.  The passion SA puts into self-improvement is sharpened - thanks in part to - the best baseball players on earth's use and abuse.

Driving this constant improvement is SwingAway's fanatical customer service to help new SwingAway owners put together or troubleshoot any challenges that may arise.  It's because of this, their request for refund rate is super-duper low

What's more...

Recently, John Kruk (ex-MLB'er and current ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst) at the 2012 Baseball Winter Meetings loved the SwingAway so much he wants to get it onto Baseball Tonight, so the commentators can use it to demonstrate hitting situations on the Show.

Raul Ibanez bought and used his own personal SA before knocking those game-tying and winning home-runs in the 2012 Yankee playoffs.

As I mentioned, today's players grew up hitting off the SwingAway, now they expect to see one in MLB clubhouses.  Heck, SwingAway even gets phone calls from retired MLB pitchers wanting to purchase a SwingAway for their children.

What's weird is...

Swing Away doesn't pay for endorsements.  You wanna know why?

Because they don't have to. The SwingAway Hitting System is in every Major League stadium. Every MLB player has access to the SwingAway and the vast majority of these players hit on a SwingAway before, during, and after the game. These Machines have earned the validation as the premier hitting machine at the highest level of the game.

The new SwingAway product line is built to take the constant use and demands of the Professional Athlete.  So, why not the Little Leaguer who wants to shrink the game down as Bryce Harper did with a SwingAway when he was 10 years old?

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