SwingAffect The muscle Memory Tool

by Anthony
(So Cal.)

This goes on tricep and bicep loop attachs to knob

This goes on tricep and bicep loop attachs to knob

We have purchased this device for $59.95...it's very durable and it has taught my son to stay inside the baseball and to swing with the Knob down, which has created a short compact swing.

He's also taking more consistent swings during games and the results have been tremendous. We found this device at a clinic the guy was introducing his product and providing free lessons.

The web site is SwingAffect.com.

This device has been more effective than his hitting instructor but we continue to use both if you have any feed back on this please let me know...

Swing Smarter Response:
(This short video will give you the idea of the SwingAffect).

Thank you Anthony for the submission, and I removed any emails from the original posts to protect you and the owner from excessive Spam. People can post comments to this post, so readers can get a hold of you here.

Here's a response I recently received from the inventor of the Swing Affect about his product on questions we had for him:

"SwingAffect is designed to get the hands Launched inside the baseball, getting on Plane with a short compact swing. So in short is to get inside of the baseball. Thus the utilizing SWINGAFFECT is attached to the KNOB of the bat. Avoiding casting, looping and rolling of hands through muscle memory (the blue tube is the ticket) and creating a positive consistent swing."

Thomas Moreno also is a stand-up hitting guy, here's more of his email response:

"I am Hybrid guy more importantly I instill what works best for my students. Seeing that I rarely get them from introduction to hitting, I develop what is best for the hitter. I did not play at UCLA but was a hitting instructor contracted for many D1 colleges before I went into biz for myself. I taught hitting at the college level and some ROOKIE Ball also college softball."

By hybrid, Thomas means he's NOT all-in on rotational or linear styles of hitting, he's a little of both, and what we can see, he uses what works for a hitter, which is what we at Swing Smarter always strive for.

Where do we stand on the SwingAffect? We like it, at first glance, it was hard to envision working, but with a little more information, we can see how this under-the-radar gem of a hitting aid could help smooth out casting rough spots. Priced at $59.95, we see this as a good investment for a reasonable price.

Thanks again Anthony for putting us in touch with the SwingAffect.


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Jan 11, 2014
any idea where to get one?
by: Anonymous

any idea where to get one?

Jan 28, 2010
by: JON B

Pretty cool device, i bought mine at www.swingaffect.com my son loves it and feels it is really improving his swing, will get video and more pics of the device.


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