Sweet Spot Baseball Hitting Aid: Foe Or Hero?

by Steve

SKLZ Sweet Spot Bat

SKLZ Sweet Spot Bat

Is the sweet spot hitting bat any good? Is it worth the money?

Swing Smarter Response:
Steve, oh the "sweet spot" timing you sent this question because of an alternatively better hitting tool I've had my eyeball on very recently (more later).

This is another SKLZ company training aid, Derek Jeter endorses quite a few of their hitting aids, and I think all those are crap. Don't get me wrong, I love Jeter, but man, those gadgets suck!

The Sweet Spot Bat is endorsed by none other than one of my favorite hitters Albert Pujols. Granted, I see what this baseball hitting aid is trying to do, but I'm not sure I'd invest in it (more on this shortly). And at $30 plus shipping, heck, it doesn't put you out much to take it out for a spin.

So, what's the deal with the Sweet Spot Bat?

It's more of a youth bat divided into 28/30/32" sizes. Heavy duty construction can be used with live batting practice, which is great. Another plus is the feedback you get from a barrel made of wood, and in this case bamboo, which is huge because I'm a huge cheerleader (2-tone skirt colors please) of using wood bats as early as a young hitter can swing a bat.

However, I think looks can be deceiving...

I think the sweet spot may be too big for what it actually is on a wood bat (about 1.5 inches...maybe). So, this would promote the same deadly swing deficiencies (long swing, false sense of power, and inconsistency) as an aluminum.

Plus, I'm not sure the feedback at contact a hitter will receive using the SKLZ Sweet Spot Training Bat will realistically mimic the use of real wood because of the fiber glass shaft attaching the barrel to the handle.

Steve, as promised, here's an even better option...

The ProHammer Bat. You can CLICK the preceding link to The Starting Lineup Store now, and remember you'll receive 8 FREE Swing Smarter Bonuses for purchasing.

Thanks so much for your question, hope this helps!

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Feb 06, 2013
it works!
by: Pedro

I bought it because I used aluminum pretty much my whole life. when I started to play with wood I kept breaking my expensive bats (80$ and up). I had my only bat last over three years after using this product. And my batting average increased and I was hitting the ball square. I totally recommend this product. or you can go another route and tape paper below the barrel of the bat. it'll break if you hit it there.

Dec 04, 2010
Cheaper Alternative
by: Robert Canary

This caught my eye some time back. However, after studying it for about, ... oh say 5 min..., I realized this is another "after-the-fact" training aid. Yes, I want the student to be aware of the sweet spot in the impact zone. However, I want them to get there naturally, not forcing the issues, and possibly breaking good slot position.

Either way I see this hitting aid more like a testing aid. *IF* you can do it then great, but if you can't, then I think a student will tend to become over zealous and forget about proper slot position while trying to get the ball on the bamboo.

Which brings up a good question: "What are some of the causes of not hitting on the sweet spot?" I'll start another thread on that question.

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