Super Hip Thrust 101

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I was reading Chas Pipitts stuff about the super thrust and was wondering whether I could get a more simple explanation.

Swing Smarter Response:
I know what you mean, sometimes this stuff can get confusing. Sometimes it's good to re-read some of these articles 3-4 times, heck, or like me, 10 times!!

If I missed anything, then please feel free to comment down below...

What hip thrust looks like?

Take the Chase Utley picture above...super hip thrust is allowing the back hip to fully clear at contact/impact. Hitter's weight is dynamically balancing just behind the front leg (slight spine angle toward the catcher) leaving virtually NO weight on the back leg, and allowing the back foot to be vertical and even drag a little.

You see, with "squishing the bug" using the back foot is bad because it focuses the players mind on rotating the foot and ankle first, then the knee, then the hips...or bottom up lower half mechanics.

We want to rotate the hips and core first, then the knee, then the ankle last. In other words, BIG muscles and joints are firing smaller ones.

With "squishing the bug" mechanics, we leave that back foot behind, which doesn't allow the back hip to release, so on film it looks like it's anchored to the ground, versus Utley in the above picture and Cano's foot position in the video below.


As the hitter follows through, a super thruster will "catch" himself on the back foot, a la Robinson Cano in Chas's dissection of his swing (pay special attention to 4:55 in the video):

As Chas says, the difference between hip thrust and SUPER hip thrust is hitter's like Utley and Cano rotate their core so much their belly button points out to their pull gap.

The bottom line with hip thrust and super hip thrust is...

The hitter NEEDS to get used to initiating the swing with the core and hips first, then turn the back knee, then let the back ankle "pop" up.

The bat behind the back drill is only good if we practice it using these principals.

In, how do we practice hip thrust?

The easiest way is through Reactive Neuromuscular Training or RNT. I use Chas's Hip Thrust Drill as well with the Drive Developer...

RNT Back Leg Thrust:

Dry Swing Hip Thrust Drill:

I hope this helps, and remember to ask any questions down below...

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