SUPER Frustrated w/ Swing: NO Power & Pulling Too Much

by Blake
(Florida) (Ficticious Website ;) (Ficticious Website ;)

My swing was great then i hurt my back and starting hitting for contact instead of power. Now i can't hit for power at all, my body forgot how. My coach says i hook my right hand at the end of my swing and that is why i'm only hitting to the left field line and on the ground. Can you help me fix this. I've tried to it fix myself, but i just don't know how to hit well and have a good swing again. Are there any drills i can use?

(P.S im a right handed batter)

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Blake, wow, I can feel the frustration coming out of your writing. Let's first start with the back issue...

What happens when you hurt a major area of the body, like the back, is certain muscles shut off like a circuit breaker tripping in a house. Sometimes certain lights stay on while others turn off.

What you want to do is seek out a reputable trainer who has a certification by ACSM or NASM, has some training in muscle imbalances, and/or has a Kinesiology degree. If you can find one that played at a higher level of baseball, then this would be icing on the cake. They'll get you back on track.

Also, finding a place that does a combo of massage and chiropractic services under one roof will help re-locate out-of-place bones, and dissolve old rusty scar tissue (massage does this). A few sessions should help reactivate these dark circuit breakers.

Now, to the problem of pulling the ball too much...

What is probably happening is we're swinging way too hard, and need to turn down the swing RPM's a bit. We're also NOT being patient, and NOT letting the ball get deep enough.

What we need to do is learn to swing with 2 gears, 1) bottom half and 2) top half. The bottom half needs to coil and load into the back hip pre-pitch, then learn how to uncoil torquing and allowing the arms to fall behind the hips with the top hand doing most of the upper body work pushing like an uppercut straight out from the body, through the Impact Zone.

I'll be releasing a step-by-step increase consistency and power in your baseball swing in the next few weeks, but for now, my favorite drills would be to use Jaime Cevaollos's MP30 wood maple bat, which will help get your legs, hips, and core to do most of the work (power + consistency), and Chas Pippitt's Drive Developer Hitting System, which will ingrain the muscle memory in your top half of the proper line drive swing.

You can get both of these at The Starting Lineup Store.

I hope this helps amigo, believe me, I've been in your shoes before. Battling injuries and slumps are something you, as a hitter, will have to learn to deal with. It's a journey, not a sprint. Above all else, relax, watch the movie Mr. Baseball, and you'll do great again :)

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