Still learning how to hit...

by Miles
(South Jersey)

Here I am 46 years old still learning how to hit. Your point that when you were younger you were just told the "what" and not the "why" resonates strongly with me. I'm playing in South Jersey Men's Baseball League in the over 45 wooden bat division. Also want to say that your site by far is the most informative on hitting that I have come across. Thanks for a great site.

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little trick I learned in Khouri league
by: Keith

My dad who played minor league ball and was a pitcher told me to keep it simple swing like you are actually throwing the ball meaning to shorten your swing and meet out in front, I learned this method and will be playing in senior mens baseball next season. One thing I got out of this was the first game of the season, I hit two grand slam homerun in one game, which by league officials have never heard of anyone doing it, I was 16 when I did that feat. My thought is clear your mind and keep your swing short and simple.

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