SportsTutorInc. Program Pitching Machines so Batter Doesn't Know What's Coming

(Chris Vegas)

Homeplate Model $6,595

Homeplate Model $6,595

Do you have an opinion on the pitching machines from Their premier and home plate machines allow programming of pitches, so the batter dosen't know what pitch is coming, kind of like a real game. They are pricey and are not arm type machines but the not knowing what's coming feature makes this machine unique.

Swing Smarter Response:
Great find Chris, I love the fact these machines can mix up different pitches. The price ranges for Sports Tutor Inc machines range from $1,095 all the way up to their Homeplate model at $6,595.

You know me, I would love to have an arm over a wheel pitching machine any day, but unfortunately technology is slow to create such a machine to have the ability to throw different pitches and locations.

Arm pitching machines, like the IronMikes, are the way to go when it comes to game like BP. And their pricing ranges from around $2-4,000. The only downside to IronMike versus any wheel pitching machine is the portable-ness of them...they're typically heavy to move.


On a smaller scale, we can look at "small ball" whiffle ball pitching machines that can throw sliders, curves, and fastballs (although not random like Sports Tutor Inc.'s stuff, yet), I would go with the Sandlot Slugger, which is in The Starting Lineup These range in price from $220-353 shipped.

And yes, the Sandlot Slugger is a smaller scale wheel pitching machine, but in this pitching machine technology age, if you don't have a partner to throw to you or don't want to invest in an IronMike, and want the ability to hit breaking balls solo, then The Sandlot Slugger is the way to go.

In case you haven't guessed,

I would suggest a combo of the IronMike and Sandlot Slugger over a wheel pitching machine. Buying one of each would still be super competitive to Sports Tutor Inc.'s 3 main models.

Convenience aside, I don't think wheel machines give a young hitter the most game-like feel.

I hope this helps Chris!

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