Sink or Swim with the Lightning Stick by Joe Magno?

by Eric

The Lightning Stick in Action

The Lightning Stick in Action

The Lightning Stick in Action
The Lightning Stick Product
The Lightning Stick Blueprint

What are your thoughts on Joe Magno's Lightning Stick. Seems to make sense, but is it really worth the 75 dollar price? Seems a standard broom stick with a handle would work just as well. What are your thoughts on this product...?

Swing Smarter Response:

Thank you Eric for the submission of the Lightning Stick, and for including pics (I actually added one of my own)!

Here's a rundown of the benefits described in the Lightning Stick YouTube video above. After, I'll discuss if it's worth the $75 price-tag.

  1. Increases eye-hand coordination - small ball training with golf sized whiffle balls

  2. Increases bat speed - says because the Lightning Stick is pretty light, and has holes which makes bat aerodynamic, creating a quick swing (with a reference to Olympic over-speed fast twitch muscle training)

  3. Increases palm up palm down muscle memory - handle contoured for "knocking knuckle" alignment

A couple things of note: Joe Magno takes a Down & Through swing with the Lightning Stick during the benefits portion of the video, which made me want to throw up in my own mouth.

For me, this was the first time hearing about Joe Magno, and one thing is quite clear, you can't refute his laundry list of accomplishments. As a matter of fact, he may be OVER-qualified ;)

Seems like a really good and knowledgeable guy, so I wanted to lay that down upfront.

Now, about The Lightning Stick...

First, it probably costs less than $15 to make which isn't a problem, but my point is, there's a little wiggle room in the $75 price.

I do believe the Lightning Stick will do all three benefits Joe Magno says.

That being said, I think there are a few small holes (pun intended) with its design and hitting philosophy...

A quick grip test...

1. I don't like these hitting aids creating a "contoured" handle because everybody's hand sizes differ, and saying everyone NEEDS to line up the "door knocking" knuckles is crazy-talk.

If you're right handed, put your left index finger into the palm of your hand, close your right hand real tight around the left index finger, and try to pull the finger out of your grip.

Now, do the same experiment, but this time put the left index finger at the bottom of the fingers just above the meat of the hand, close the right hand around the finger, and try to pull the left index finger out...

Which one did you have a stronger grip? And were your "door knocking" knuckles lined up? My don't because I have bigger hands.

Train like an Olympian??

2. I can appreciate over-speed training building fast twitch muscle fibers in Olympic athletes because I'm an athletic performance buff, however we're only seeing half of the equation for baseball hitters here...

Let's take a quick Physics lesson...

Force = Mass X Acceleration

To increase Force, we have to find the happy-medium between Mass multiplied by Acceleration.

The Lightning Stick definitely increases the Acceleration side of the equation, but so does a hyper-light aluminum bat!! And we should all know by now, this is how we got into this mess, swinging with upper body dominance.

Unlike non-baseball Olympians, it's not enough to increase acceleration; we have to increase the mass at impact too! So, swinging a heavier bat the "right way" is the key to success at the plate.

The problem is, most young hitters across the nation are swinging with an upper body dominant swing, and putting a lighter bat in their hands will reinforce their already bad muscle memory.

The New Age Hitter

To increase bat speed mechanically, we have to put in the right technique training for healthy and efficient swing movement, and use the right hitting aids reinforcing that.

For all you math majors, here's another equation:

Elite Swing Technique + Work Ethic + Best Hitting Aids = Consistently Powerful Swing

Simple as that. Where can you find all these ingredients?

In Conclusion...

I wouldn't say the Lightning Stick sinks or swims, but I wouldn't pay $75 for it. I'd actually recommend one of the top 9 hitting aids called The ProHammer (PLEASE NOTE: may be on back order, so the link may not work), which is a spitting image, is heavier (more like a game bat), cures the hands from rolling over, and you can hit live baseballs with it. The price is more because there's more value to it.

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Oct 01, 2015
by: AnonymousMagno


Feb 14, 2015
Bar size
by: Anonymous

How many ounces is the lightning stick my son is 7 he is swinging a 28 16ounce bat and he is not getting around would your bat help or is it heavier than that

Jun 19, 2014
Another championship
by: Anonymous

Yep , Proof is in the outcome. My experiment worked again winning a 3 rd championship in 3 years.
More important we had a 371 team batting average. The highest in California division 1 Ana 2.

The lightning stick works.


Coe Joe Magno.

Aug 24, 2012
Timing is everything
by: Robert Canary

I have to agree with everyone here.

Coach I think what your seeing is at a high a school level. Where Joey's point is proven. And a point I have been preaching all along.

Once a kid gets to be over 100 1bs. They need to get rid of the light bats and move into the 20oz bats. We went into a wood bat league in July. The smallest bats we had was a 23oz 30in. and a 22oz 31in. (D-Bats, Inc.) It was a nightmare our first batting practices. These kids are now 12-13YO, and they looked like T-Ball kids trying to swing those bats. Why?!?! Because they were still using the same old "Light Bat" techniques. They all good rotation and good form and good mechanics. But NO drive.

A kid that was not hitting during spring ball, is now smacking the crap out of the ball 250+ feet, WITH WOOD a 24oz 31in WOOD.

Yes, absolutely, speed is a necessity, but you have to build the added technique of driving hard back into the hitter.

Here is how I did it.
I have an Iron Mike pitching machine. They hit with only the front hand using a ..... drum roll .... a T-Ball bat. Yes a T-Ball bat, 12oz 18in. Why? I wanted them to understand, and get the feel of driving the bat without the added weight. Removing the weight from the bat, just as the Lightning Stick will do, stimulated the brain to swing it faster and push harder on contact. If they did not, the ball would always push past the bat. The trick here is DO NOT use both hands, and do not use the top hand.

After doing this about twenty times, now have the hitter pick up the heavier wood and hit with both hands. AMAZING!!!

Why does work? I had to analysis this awhile I found the answer. When they first use the light T-Ball stick, (and I'm sure you will find the exact same effect with the Lighting Stick), they were not prepared to push through the ball, they were not swinging from the hips, they were not pushing that back side. Oh yes hips moved and always came around like we want it to work. But there there was no power in their rotation. Once they decided to beat the ball and not let it push the bat, they began to work all those mechanics. The began pushing the back side, they got strong on impact, they used both the front pull and the back push, they shift weight into the ball, they drove that back hip around and wound up the middle section. THEY HAD TO PUT POWER INTO THEIR CONTACT. And because they were taught the good mechanics, it all happened very naturally. Once they got the feel of driving hard AND fast through the impact, when they pick up the wood ..... well what can I say. We went from not hitting the broad side of a barn, to being the best hitting team in 5 weeks.

I would like try out the Lighting Stick at the training center to really see what is made of.

Jul 28, 2012
Proof it Works
by: Joe Magno Mister Baseball

I am the inventor of the Lightning Stick as well as the Deflector Glove and they both work better then anything out there! Proof is in the batting average !
I have been selling the patented Lightning stick for several years now with 16 sold to the NY Yankees as well as as 1000's of others to college, professional, amateur teams and families.
Over the past 2 seasons I decided to jump in and become a head Coach at a High School where I led my team to Back to Back titles in a program that was a losing program. How did this happen, Team batting average over 2 years .352 with the 2nd most doubles in California as a team. Now the amazing thing was we are a tiny team averaging 5 feet 7 inches tall in a division of super star teams like Harvard Westlake.
The stick absolutely works and is expensive to make as it is made of a special heat treated aluminum and it is made in the Southern California in the good old USA.
If you want additional information just call me 562-879-8665 or visit
or send me an email at

Thanks for the press and the opportunity to rebut!


Coach Joe Magno

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