Should the hitter Release the Top Hand After Contact?

by Robert Canary
((OCASA) Hartford, Ky)


Should there be a concern for batters that release the top hand after contact, allowing the bottom hand to carry the bat through after contact?


Both hands staying on the bat, all the way until the bat stops.


Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Robert, good question. As you know, every hitter is different...some like to hold onto the bat and finish with both hands after contact, and some finish the swing by releasing the top hand.

Time after time so called hitting gurus debate which is better, but the bottom line is as long as the top hand doesn't release too soon, or until both hands are well passed the Impact Zone (when arms make "V" during the follow through), then it's okay. Personally, I like to release the top hand, because I feel keeping both hands on is too restricting for me. Plus, it keeps my swing tempo under control.

The problem happens when the hitter begins to let go of the top hand during the Impact Phase of the swing, particularly the 8 inches of "through." This is a no-no because then we're just swinging one handed.

What are your thoughts on this Robert?

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