Rudy Jaramillo's Power Drive Hips Hitting Aid Review


Power Drive Hips by Rudy Jaramillo

Power Drive Hips by Rudy Jaramillo

What about Rudy Jaramillo's Power Drive Hips???

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Kevin for the submission...the Power Drive Hips looks like a good product in conditioning the core and hips to drive through the baseball, however I don't see spending $280 on a baseball hitting aid I can simulate on a cool looking UFC 100 pound hitting bag for only $150 new on

I'm a little old school when it comes to hitting aids and the major question I ask myself is would a Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, or Mickey Mantle be caught dead (God bless their souls, pun unintended), using this. I don't think they would...the Power Drive Hips just looks too restricting to the swing.

With a heavy hitting bag we aren't restricted at all, and we really have to use our hips and core to POP the bag with the bat, just like with the Power Drive Hips. In the olden days, the above mentioned Hall of Famers used old tires to hit.

Like I said, if you have the money and don't mind buying another "hitting gadget," then have at it, but personally, I wouldn't buy it for my hitting training...I think we can Swing Smarter by investing the money in a 100 pound hitting bag for hundreds less, AND we still have something to take our aggressions out on, killing two birds with one stone, unlike the Power Drive Hips.

Another thing with highly endorsed products, this should actually throw up a red flag, check out what Jaime Cevallos (creator of the MP30 wood training bat) says about MLB hitting coaches:

"MLB hitting coaches are motivated by keeping their job, not developing innovative principles. If they change a franchise player’s swing, and that player gets worse, their name is forever blacklisted. Word will spread that he makes good hitters bad. And regardless of how many hitters he has helped, the one he "ruined" will be the bane of his career. GMs will attach his name with money flying out the window.

He can just take a seat next to Jose Canseco in the list of people who will never be offered a contract. Because of this, MLB hitting coaches develop vague hitting methods, appearing to help when the team is doing well, yet standing on no specific method when the team is struggling.

It’s common for them to wait until a player on the team gets hot, and associate themselves to that player as much as possible. I’ve seen it time and time again."
-- Jaime Cevallos, The Swing Mechanic Blog

Swing Smarter Kevin!

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