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Robinson Cano Swing Analysis

When I think of friction-free swings, Robinson Cano comes to mind.  There are forces at work that are left unseen to the naked eye...unless you know what to look for.

According to Dr. W. Eric Cobb of Z-Health Performance Solutions, there are Four Elements of Movement Efficiency:

  1. Perfect Form,
  2. Dynamic Postural Alignment,
  3. Synchronized Breathing, and
  4. Balanced Tension & Relaxation.

Charles Near Perfect Form

Perfect Form - As Dr. Cobb states, "The body ALWAYS improves at EXACTLY what we practice." Good or bad.  Focusing on the 'perfect rep' with the above four elements in mind, is the quickest path to a friction-free swing.  Take a look at one of my High School Sophomore students, Charles Zarasua, in 'near-perfect' follow through form...

Gabe Misaligned Spine

Dynamic Postural Alignment - As Dr. Cobb says, "Proper posture increases your spinal stability, provides the perfect torque converter to transfer power from your trunk to your limbs, and decreases your risk of injury."  And he further notes, issuing a challenge to athletes, "Can you maintain your posture while in motion?"  Take a look at another one of my hitting students, High School Junior Gabriel Chavez...see how he's broken his spinal alignment at the neck (chin to chest)...

Synchronized Breathing - In today's Scientific movement literature, we're finding that breathing is more and more important to efficient movement.  Breathing has to be natural and not forced.  When breathing is forced we tense secondary muscles in the upper traps, neck, and jaw.  And as you'll see with my next student, forced breathing can bleed over into the last path to a friction-free swing...

Anthony Stiff Trap

Balanced Tension & Relaxation - Dr. Cobb states, "Most people are unaware that the one critical element that separates great physical performers from everyone else is their ability to quickly and smoothly move between these two states."  As you can see in my red-shirt Frosh in college, Anthony Cisneros, he's shrugging his right shoulder to his ear.  This slows bat speed down.  Although, everything else in his swing appears pretty clean, this one little thing we'll be spending our future time together cleaning up.

The crazy part is, the Path to Inefficiency follows these guidelines in reverse order.  A lot of times, when I first get my students, they're over-swinging.  There shoulder, upper trap, and neck muscles get tight and pull the head off the ball.  As of of this writing, this is Oakland A's slugger Yoenis Cespedes's problem.

Then it's like a domino effect...tension leads to a breakdown in breathing pattern...then posture starts to falter because the brain is focusing more on protecting the body's joints, and the last domino to fall is form.  This all happens in a blink of an eye.   

This brings us back to Robinson Cano's friction-free swing. He's 6'0", 205lbs...not a big guy by MLB standards.  But he's consistently ranked in the TOP 10 in OPS over the past few years.  

We see his swing as graceful, unstressed, and athletic.  He's definitely on the path to movement efficiency.  But, what is considered 'perfect form' when it comes to explosive rotational power?

In the video analysis below, we'll see whether:

  • Robinson Cano 'primed-the-pump' by un-weighting the bat using forward momentum (key element to a friction-free swing),
  • How the Stability "X" Pattern is engaged to give Cano's body the advantage of being springy like a kangaroo, and
  • We see the Catapult Loading System in all its glory.

What you're going to learn are the true PRINCIPALS to explosive rotational power, and how ALL rotational athletes have to abide by them...if they want to be successful.

Here's a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"As to the methods there may be a million and then some, but principals are few.  The man who grasps principals can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principals, is sure to have trouble."

Think of methods (drills) as almost everything you find on YouTube about hitting.  Principals are universal laws that govern ALL human movement.

WATCH THIS VIDEO as I put Robinson Cano's Swing to the Test...

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