Pitching Machines vs. Soft Toss Machines

by Heather

Wheeler Dealer Spitter

Wheeler Dealer Spitter

Hello -

We have a 13 year old son who is a great catcher but needs to work on his batting swing. We would like to purchase a pitching machine of some sort that our son can use on his own in our yard to take repeated swings.

We have found that we are overwhelmed and confused by the choices on the market! We want to spend enough to get a good quality machine but we do not want to break the budget on a machine that is not effective.

We have friends who have a Wheeler Dealer soft toss machine and they have been very happy with it. However we have wondered if a pitching machine that stands where a pitcher would in a game would simulate more of a real hitting experience. Do you have an opinion on this?

Three of the pitching machines (arm/wheel) we have looked at (in the $300 or under range) are the Trend Sports Slider Lite Ball machine, the Franklin Field Master Pitching Machine and Auto feeder and the Heater Jr. Baseball Pitching Machine with auto feeder....are any of these good machines that are worth the investment?

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we prepare to make this purchase!


Swing Smarter Response:
Hi Heather, thank you so much for your question, and one I didn't even think about until you submitted it...pitching machines versus soft toss machines...hmmm,

I want start off by saying they both serve different purposes, both allow for more swings, the pitching machine's strength is obvious, better pitcher/game simulation.

The soft toss machines are more of a tool to use in working on a specific swing focus.

It's funny because once a ball gets thrown from the pitcher's perspective, it becomes hard for the hitter to work on his/her keys or focuses, so that's where a soft toss machine comes in handy.

We really like the Wheeler Dealer, just as your friends do, and did a write-up on it at the following web address.

I can see how overwhelmed you are about pitching machines...here's the deal on those...

You're wasting your money on any machine that doesn't have an arm, except the Personal Pitcher whiffle ball machine, which is a whole different monster in itself...actually one of our Swing Smarter readers wrote in about that product as well, and we did a review here.

We're currently working on a Swing Smarter online store where we've chosen the 9 best hitting aids on the planet called The Starting Lineup, which will be online in the next few weeks. We did our research and the best pitching machine, using an arm, for your money comes in at about $2,495, and is called the IronMike MP5. It's a great starter for any ball player, it's mobile, and it will be hitting 5th in our online store lineup :)

If a $2,495 price tag is too much, then the Wheeler Dealer will do just fine for your son at $446 shipped in our store, The Starting Lineup. Hope this helps with your buying decision Heather.

Swing Smarter!


P.S. Wondering which baseball hitting aids are worth their weight in gold? Frustrated scowering the internet for over-hyped highly endorsed swing gadgets NOT doing a darn thing for your swing?

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It takes a lot for a hitting gadget to crack The Starting Lineup, because there are only 9 spots available.

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