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by Jerry
(Yonkers, NY )

Joey, Im glad you met up with Chas pippit. I think the guys right on with his hitting ideas. Since you stopped teaching to swinging down through the ball, and match the plane of the pitch early in the swing; YOU are right on also. The way Chas Pippitt teaches to load with hips and scap, and use the big muscles to swing, would even make Ted Williams proud, I think.

I can see the PRohammer would be great. Some time ago when Jim Lefebvre was the hitting coach with the SF Giants, HE had his hitters bat off of a tee with a bat that had a flat sided bat head. He said his players called it the magic bat because it corrected many hitting problems. I can see the prohammer is one up on that. But still comes off the same idea.

I also own a mp30 and can see how that helps to slot the rear elbow and help the hitter to use the strong muscles of the body in the swing.
Instead of just a push with the hands approach.

It's also a good idea that you recommend the sandlot slugger instead of the flimsy pro pitcher good luck with your new website.

Swing Smarter Response:

Wow Jerry, what a glowing testimonial! I appreciate it, and yes I had to swallow my pride when Chas came along and pounded my Down & Through hitting philosophy into the ground. Now, I'm thankful and will NEVER look back.

The hitting aids right now at are great, and I know there's going to be better ones to come along when we get Chas's Hitting Rebellion philosophy out there.

It's hard to find good technique hitting aids promoting solid hybrid rotational principals.

Thank you once again for the kind words and keep spreading the word!

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The right way to swing a bat
by: jerry

Joey I know it takes a lot of courage to swallow your pride and admit the way you were teaching is wrong . Not many can or will do that
and I admire you for this .I had to do the same .When my son was about 10 yrs old he had very good power .He would go away to baseball tournamemts and people would question his age. He wasnt a big kid or real athletic. It was just because he could bang the ball. I thought he had a funny swing . I now know he was using a rotational swing. Much like what you and chas are not teaching .
His hands never looked to me as if they moved foward much and his body turned . Like its supposed to . Well any way I should have left well enough alone . But I didnt I bougth the tapes hitting for excellence> And the guys a major league hitting coach . I ruined his power right away . The tapes taught pull the knob to the front hip .There is no early bat speed in this. Well any way to make a long story short I killed my sons power with this method of teaching and people noticed right away the said what happened to his power.Latter he played in high school and the community college coaches wants him to play for them. but to tell you the truth the damage was done. He never gained that rotational swing back .Bad muscle memory and I know its my fault . Thats why I admire you for admitting your error. as far as hitting goes its late for my son. BUT not for others. Joey you are on the right track.To really help people to hit to the best of there ability. BY using the body as the source of power and staying connected to the body with the arms . good luck joey

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