Perfect Connecxtion Rotational Bat Trainer: Love it OR Lose it?

by chrisvegas

Do you have an opinion on the perfect connecxtion rotational bat trainer found on Looks like it keeps your elbows in to develop a short swing and avoid long swings. Thanks, chrisvegas

Swing Smarter Response:
Chris, I think the Perfect Connecxtion Rotational Bat Trainer is a great product for a portion of the swing, like you said to keep the hitter nice and compact until contact. By the way, the video above is almost 10 mins long, but worth the time to chew on what Jack Mankin has to say.

Basically, what the Perfect Connecxtion Rotational Bat Trainer does is keep the elbows the same distance apart up to contact. Contrary to when a young hitter's swing is deficient to where the back push arm is accelerating forward faster than the front pull arm, which can cause a dipping of the backside, arm barring, and an overall long swing.

This is priced about right, $59.95 plus shipping.

The only issue I have with the Perfect Connecxtion Rotational Bat Trainer is it only gets you to contact...what happens to your arms after contact wearing this thing? We need to still push the barrel through the impact zone and the elbows will have to almost come together at some point.

However, I do think (as seen with the kid in the video), this contraption is outstanding hitting into a heavy bag.

The bottom line?

For this baseball hitting aid to be legit, it has to allow for a full cut, that being said, I do "love it" for pre-impact zone training.

Another great find of yours Chris, and I hope this helps. Keep 'em coming amigo!

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