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Thanks! We're very grateful for your humble donation, and not to mention, very helpful to my family. Our best and most loved wishes go out to you and yours.=-)

That being said,

You're now on your way to shortening the learning curve of hitting, and joining a one-of-a-kind revolutionary process, taking the online baseball world by storm!

A quick note about how online lessons came about...

A good friend of mine I played with at Fresno State and myself, discussed the vision of this the summer of 2007...we loved the idea of giving online hitting lessons, yet weren't quite sure how to put it all together.

Now, thanks to technology and the internet, we can guide people wanting to learn how to hit from the far corners of the world, to our own backyards.

Swing Smarter and FOWL Ball are extremely excited to work with you, here are the two puzzle pieces to get started (includes the two FREE bonuses for your most gracious donation):

  1. The Power of Doing MORE with LESS Report, AND
  2. Selective Video Library LINK.
Very IMPORTANT Note: Please PRINT THIS PAGE OUT for your own records because below is a critical password...AND once you CLICK the two web pages above (excluding the Report), please BOOKMARK them because you won't find the pages indexed on the internet anywhere. Also, make sure to save the Report to your computer and/or print it out for future use.

The Selective Video Library password is: fresnostate

Thanks again for donating and participating in the Interactive Swing Training Program, we assure you you won't be disappointed. We also welcome any and all questions and comments about the program, please submit them through our community forum here:

Swing Training Comment/Question Post

Wishing you all the best in your current season,
Joey Myers
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