overload/underload training system

by Cory B
(Bridgeton Missouri)



i was wondering if anyone had any success with any type of overload/underload hitting system, i need to improve my bat speed as much as i can.

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Cory B., great question, and one that is always up for debate.

Here's a review I did of the T3 (Triple Threat) training bat in which I go into more depth about the overload/underload principals. Please read that first, then come back...

The answer to will the overload/underload system increase your bat speed is unfortunatley...

Yes and no.

I share the belief with Chas Pippitt (we'll get to him in a moment), great technique trumps athleticism any day of the week.

If you have fantastic mechanics, then probably yes, the overload/underload principals will increase your bat speed.

Where can you go to get great guidance on swing mechanics? The Swing Smarter endorsed Blog: Chas Pippitt's Baseball Hitting Rebellion that's where. Chas is super knowledgeable and has the hundreds of case study success stories to back it up. Reading the Blog is free, and we're finishing up a Membership Program where you can Hire Chas no matter where you're at in the world.

Proper technique is SUPER-critical, then some of these programs like the overload/underload principals will work. But by themselves are useless without great swing technique.

I hope this helps Cory B. :)

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