Other Hitting Sites NOT Doing A Darn Thing For My Swing...

by PHCC CF #6

I'm a Sophomore at a JUCO in Virginia this year. My high school team were back-to-back State Champions my junior and senior years and were ranked in the top 10 Nationally both of those years.

I dislike these other hitting sites very much. I have done my own research on swing thoughts, swing mechanics and what actually happens during game-time speed.

Most every site I find is either absurd, has no credibility or just want to reap money benefits from people. Except for this one. I absolutely love SwingSmarter.com, be simple and find rhythm and ?Tai Chi?(un-kinked hose thing) approach that you have to hitting. And the fact that the site is free really makes me think you want to help people. For what it's worth I've decided that you're the only hitting coach I am going to trust.

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